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To Keep Future Droughts at Bay, Oklahoma Looks to Store Water Underground Before it Flows Away

The crippling five-year drought Oklahoma finally broke out of in 2015 is still fresh in the memory of the state’s water regulators, which is looking for ways the state can better withstand future dry spells.


A Conversation With Oklahoma’s Long-Time Water Boss

J.D. Strong has been an important player in Oklahoma water issues for many years, and served as Executive Director of the state water regulator since 2010. Earlier this year he left the Water Resources Board to head the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.


Inside the Landmark State and Tribal Agreement That Ends Standoff Over Water in Southeast Oklahoma

The deal, announced Thursday, clears a path for Oklahoma City to pump water out of Sardis Lake — a plan city officials say is essential to meeting the metropolitan area’s long-term water needs — which the tribes blocked with a 2011 lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma.

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Tribe Says Showdown Over Rural Permits Rooted in Politics, Not Water Pipes

“This should have been the easiest kind of transaction, one we’ve done hundreds of times,” says John “Rocky” Barrett, chairman of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.


Southeast Oklahoma Lawmakers Ask Attorney General to Weigh In On Water Board Beef

Renegar wrote on behalf of Representatives Donnie Condit, Ed Cannaday, and Johnny Tadlock, all from southeast Oklahoma.


State Budget Agreement Brings Sharp Funding Cuts to Agencies Overseeing Oklahoma’s Environment

The $6.8 billion presumptive budget agreement has been praised for preserving money for education, prisons and Medicaid, but some of the sharpest cuts are aimed at agencies that regulate industry and protect the environment.


State Budget Crisis Could Leave Small Towns With Big Infrastructure Problems ‘Dead in the Water’

A proper town needs a reliable sewer system. So tiny Corn, Oklahoma, has a big problem.


Regulator Says Budget Cuts Could Imperil Vital Water-Monitoring Programs

It’s up to the state to make sure Oklahoma’s lakes and rivers are safe, but budget cuts are threatening that mission.


Judge Gives Go Ahead For Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer Pumping Limits

The court was hearing an appeal of the limit from groups including the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, Oklahoma Aggregates Association, and mining company TXI.


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