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The arid American West marches east, changing climate and agriculture

The 100th Meridian passes through Oklahoma and splits the continent in two. An explorer and geologist in the late-1800s suggested this map line marked the start of the arid American West. Scientists now say he was right — and that climate change is moving it, which could have profound effects on farmers and ranchers.


Rye: The Underappreciated “Poverty Grain” Enjoys A Renaissance

Oklahoma is the country’s number one producer of what is occasionally referred to as the ‘poverty grain.’ Rye doesn’t have the best reputation, but demand is on the rise.


Legislature Approves Measure to Lure Healthier Grocery Options to Fill Oklahoma Food Deserts

Scarcity is most severe in regions known as food deserts, where going to the grocery store often means taking a road trip. But new legislation awaiting the governor’s signature could bring more healthy food to areas that need it.


Embezzlement Investigation in Oklahoma Adds to Questions About Oversight of Federal Beef Promotion Program

A federal investigation and lawsuits over the alleged embezzlement of $2.6 million dollars from an obscure Oklahoma board that promotes the beef industry add to questions about oversight of a national program funded by fees charged to ordinary farmers and ranchers.

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Cherokee Nation Preserves Food Culture by Freezing History

At the Cherokee Nation Seed Bank in Tahlequah, Okla., a vital part of the tribe’s history is kept frozen.


Oklahoma Voters Soundly Reject State Question to Constitutionally Protect Farming and Ranching

Oklahoma voters on Tuesday rejected State Question 777 — known by supporters as the right-to-farm amendment.


Uncertainty Surrounds Right-to-Farm Even In States That Adopted It Years Ago

Oklahoma could become the third state to add a “right-to-farm” amendment to its constitution if voters approve State Question 777 this November.


Groups Opposing State Question On Agriculture Form Unusual Alliance Over Water

Opposition to the state question comes from multiple sources, but a diverse coalition urging a ‘no’ vote is united by a shared concern: water.

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