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Corrections and Clarifications


Our ultimate goal is to be both accountable for our coverage and transparent with our audience. To that end, any StateImpact Oklahoma story that requires a factual correction will be updated to reflect the change, and include an “editor’s note” to say what the nature of the correction or clarification was. For example:

We reported that a student at the for-profit Kaplan University had been seeking a law degree and had not been told that participation in the program would not allow him to take the bar exam in Iowa. We should have made clear that the student was enrolled in a B.A. program in paralegal studies, not in a law degree program.

In addition, all online errors that get corrected will be tagged and aggregated on this page. Email Joe Wertz with your requests for corrections or clarifications.

Latest Posts

To Drill Wells in Norman, Company Buys City Drinking Water Right From the Hydrant

For a fee, most municipalities will give contractors and other industrial users a special water meter and temporary access to a city fire hydrant. The meters and hydrant access are often used for construction sites, and the buyer usually pays a higher per-gallon water rate for the high-flow access. But there’s an unusual industrial customer [...]

Why One Oklahoma Oil Executive Doesn’t Think Oil and Gas Tax Cuts Are Needed

Don Millican, the Chief Financial Officer of Kaiser-Francis Oil Company.

The Kaiser-Francis Oil Company has a lot in common with other storied Oklahoma energy empires. The company has by-the-bootstrap entrepreneurial origins, it’s been battered by boom and bust, and it’s helmed by a billionaire CEO who has weathered controversy and been showered with praise. But the Tulsa-based exploration and production company is unique in one [...]

Oklahoma Geological Survey to Monitor Injection Well for Earthquake Activity

Seismologists say oil and natural gas disposal wells, like this one near Sparks, Okla., are likely triggering earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Earthquakes have been increasing in Oklahoma and other states throughout the mid-continent, and many seismologists think this increased seismicity is linked to disposal wells used by the oil and gas industry. The connection has caused oil and gas regulators in some states to re-evaluate how they issue permits for drilling. No such changes will be [...]

A Decade After Right-to-Work, Bitterness Remains in Oklahoma

Teamsters Local 523 President Gary Ketchum says 'right-to-work' is simply an attempt at union busting.

Last month, Indiana enacted a law giving workers the choice to opt out of paying union dues. It’s the first successful right-to-work proposal since Oklahoma’s in 2001. Now several other states are considering it. Indiana looked to Oklahoma for input on the law’s effects. But the Hoosiers found mixed signals from the Sooner state showing [...]

Economically, Oklahoma’s Biggest Industry is Government

We’ve been looking at Oklahoma’s economy and how specific industries are contributing, and how those contributions have changed over time. The energy industry has a big influence on Oklahoma’s policy priorities, but government has the biggest industry share of the state’s economy, data from the U.S. Department of Commerce show.

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