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Corrections and Clarifications

Our ultimate goal is to be both accountable for our coverage and transparent with our audience. To that end, any StateImpact Oklahoma story that requires a factual correction will be updated to reflect the change, and include an “editor’s note” to say what the nature of the correction or clarification was. For example:

We reported that a student at the for-profit Kaplan University had been seeking a law degree and had not been told that participation in the program would not allow him to take the bar exam in Iowa. We should have made clear that the student was enrolled in a B.A. program in paralegal studies, not in a law degree program.

In addition, all online errors that get corrected will be tagged and aggregated on this page. Email Joe Wertz with your requests for corrections or clarifications.

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OKC police name officers who killed Bennie Edwards

Oklahoma City Police Department released the names of officers who shot Bennie Edwards.


Oklahoma inmates tense as prisons become COVID-19 hotbeds

Covid-19 is pushing the state Pardon and Parole Board to consider ways to speed up its work recommending people for early release.


Oklahoma leaves behind top incarcerator title but prison population may keep growing

Oklahoma has reduced it’s imprisonment rate but the criminal justice experts say they expect the prison population to continue growing in the next six years.


Medical boards lack process for opioid complaints

The ongoing court case against opioid manufacturer Johnson & Johnson highlighted the role that doctors, and the medical boards who regulate them, have played in the continuing public health crisis. 


Prosecutors and court officials disagree on reason for downturn in drug court participation

Drug court participation dropped after passage of a controversial state question in 2016. District attorneys and some court officials disagree whether the new law is to blame for the decrease.


Twenty-one people leave prison after Gov. Fallin commutes drug-related sentences 

The 21 people released were helped through a months-long commutation process by advocacy group Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform.


Updated: September 11, 2018 | 9:38 pm

Oklahoma City Council hears testimony on proposal to reduce penalties for marijuana and paraphernalia

The Oklahoma City Council held a public hearing on an ordinance that would end jail sentences for simple possession of marijuana if adopted.


Health commissioner pushes for special session and stricter marijuana regulation through legislation

Medical marijuana license applications will be accepted Aug. 25

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