Quinton Chandler

Quinton Chandler
Quinton is an Oklahoma native who started his radio career with KOSU Public Radio in 2011. He’s a graduate of Oklahoma State University. Before joining StateImpact, Quinton spent three years reporting in South Central and Southeast Alaska. Quinton loves writing, reading and has an intense relationship with his Netflix account.

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Counties hope to keep jail populations low during viral pandemic

Several counties have begun releasing jail prisoners. They want to have fewer people in their jails for the virus to infect.


Oklahoma schools and jails brace for the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread

Oklahoma schools and county jails are looking for ways to keep the coronavirus pandemic at bay.

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Oklahoma Lawmakers consider a raise for hundreds of prison employees skipped over last year

State officials want to help hundreds of corrections employees who didn’t get a raise last year. It’s unclear if a bill that could fix the problem will be approved.


Fight, investigation prompt statewide prison lockdown

State prisons are on lockdown after investigators found signs fights could be started in prisons around the state.


Oklahoma leaves behind top incarcerator title but prison population may keep growing

Oklahoma has reduced it’s imprisonment rate but the criminal justice experts say they expect the prison population to continue growing in the next six years.


State to resume lethal injections after finding fresh drug supply

Oklahoma has found a new supply of lethal injection drugs and plans to resume executions. The state must wait 150 days after death row inmates’ defense teams review the new execution rules before it can schedule an execution.


Issues to watch during Oklahoma’s 2020 legislative session

StateImpact reporters combed through 4,500 pieces of legislation. Here are some trends they found.

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Oklahoma prisoners struggle to find stable housing after release

Stable housing options are limited for people leaving Oklahoma prisons. People running transitional housing options that offer a temporary residence where people can get on their feet say they can’t completely meet the demand.


Shorthanded mental health groups prepare for high caseloads after nation’s largest commutation

Following the nation’s largest commutation, the state and community nonprofits are preparing to help several hundred people who were released from prison in the same day.


Civil rights lawsuit claims Oklahoma court discriminates against people with disabilities

In a federal class action lawsuit, the Canadian County District Court is accused of discriminating against defendants with disabilities and imposing unaffordable bail amounts on poor people.

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