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Oklahoma State Budget





Oklahoma Office of State Finance (OSF), Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC), the Office of the Oklahoma State Treasurer, and the Office of the Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector.


Feb 7 – Session starts

Step 1 – Agencies Submit Budget Request (Oct-Dec)

The Oklahoma budget cycle begins on the agency level. Agencies determine what their financial needs are for the following fiscal year and file a formal Budget Request with the Office of State Finance by Oct. 1

Step 2 – Request Review by Office of State Finance

The OSF reviews each Budget Request and, with the Governor’s office, makes recommendations to the agency.

Step 3 – Funding Estimation Starts (Dec 24-Jan 1)

The State Board of Equalization determines the amount of funding available for appropriation. 

Step 4 – Governor Submits Budget (Due Feb 6)

Taking into account the OSF review of agency Budget Requests, the Governor’s must submit a balanced budget to the state legislature.

Step 5 – Funding Estimation Certified

Step 6 – House and Senate Appropriations Committees Begin Review of Agency Budget Requests (Feb-Apr)

Step 7 – Appropriations Committees Set Agency Budgets and Pass Appropriations Bills

Step 8 – Governor Considers Bills (May-June)

Step 9 – Governor Signs Bills


Office of State Finance

Oklahoma Tax Commission

Oklahoma State Treasurer

Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector

Oklahoma State Board of Equalization



Oct. 1 – Agency submits Budget Request


How the cycle works:

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