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Scientists Present Report Linking Oil and Gas Industry to Earthquakes

At a meeting of the Seismological Society of America today, scientists for the U.S. Geological Survey presented their much-anticipated findings linking the oil and gas industry with an increase in earthquakes in parts of the United States. (You can find NPR’s report on the findings here.) The abstract released this week, which is still the only publicly available […]

EPA to Range Resources: Drill Away

The original version of this article, released on March 30, 2012, incorrectly attributed the following quote to an EPA press release: “In a press release today, the EPA stated that ‘multiple investigations into the claims showed no link between Range Resources’ operations and water contamination.’” The Texas Oil and Gas Association provided this quote in its […]

How a New Study Links Earthquakes to Drilling Injection Wells

A few months ago we spoke with Cliff Frohlich, a seismologist and Associate Director of the University of Texas at Austin’s Institute for Geophysics, about the connection between a recent string of earthquakes and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” In the interview, Dr. Frohlich told us that fracking can directly cause earthquakes, but only in very rare cases. “In the […]

Now Read This: StateImpact Texas Top 5

Accidents at drilling sites, new links between fracking and earthquakes, and a farewell party for La Niña (the main culprit behind the current Texas drought) were among our readers’ favorite stories over the last week. In case you missed them, here are the top five new StateImpact Texas stories: How Fracking, Drilling and Earthquakes are […]