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Now Read This: Our Top 5 Posts

Earthquakes, fracking and solar power are all hot topics on StateImpact Texas these days. In case you missed any of them, here are our top five stories published in the last week: What We Know About Fracking Activity and the Ohio Earthquake: A 4.0-magnitude earthquake struck Youngstown, Ohio on New Year’s Eve, the eleventh quake […]

Big Gains for Big Energy on Stock Market

It’s been a booming year for drilling in Texas, with more new wells drilled than last year and 381 million barrels of oil produced. The companies behind this drilling have found fortune not only in the ground but also in the stock market. USA Today looks at the top ten corporate stocks for the year and […]

Now Read This: Our Top Five Posts

You’re probably recovering from too much nog and eating leftover ham sandwiches, but in case you missed it, here’s out top five new posts from the last week: Due to Drought, Houston Drinking More Dallas Wastewater: It’s long been a joke based on facts: take a drink from a tap in Houston and say ‘thank you’ […]

Now Read This: Our Top 5 Posts

Last week’s new stories on StateImpact Texas looked at fracking, the drought and a fire at a Houston refinery: Fracking Report Reverberates in Texas: A report on fracking and water contamination from the Environmental Protection Agency sent shockwaves through the industry. What does it mean for drilling in Texas? How the Natural Gas Industry is Responding […]

How Abundant Natural Gas Spells Trouble for Renewables

A few years ago, when US natural gas production was kicking into high gear, gas promoters like T. Boone Pickens sold it as something close to a panacea. It was a plentiful source of energy that could create jobs at home. It could wean the US off of foreign oil. Perhaps most importantly, it was […]

How Do Disposal Wells Work?

What is a Disposal Injection Well? Injection wells are vertical pipes drilled into deep layers of rock. Drilling companies use the wells to dispose of wastewater produced as a result of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” The wells utilize the earth’s soil and bedrock to filter and treat the contaminated water, which is then spread across […]

When Wells Run Dry, Witching for Water

As the drought shows few signs of abating, some folks in Abilene are turning to less conventional means of finding water, according to the Los Angeles Times: Powell, 59, learned to dowse for water more than 40 years ago from an old “water witcher” known simply as Mr. Ray. Now Powell runs a dowsing and […]