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El Paso May Become the First Texas City to Go Coal Free

El Paso’s public utility announced plans to run the city coal-free in two years. It’s a bold proposal since no major U.S. city can run without coal power yet, but it seems possible, and it puts El Paso ahead among Texas cities that have sought to end their dependence on coal. The announcement mirrors an [...]

Pollution From Ship Channel and Port Traffic Affects Galena Park

From KUHF News:  The city of Galena Park is on the north side of the Ship Channel, surrounded by highways, freight rail lines and heavy industry. It has about 10,000 residents. The city’s main road, Clinton Drive, is a major artery for the Port of Houston and Ship Channel industries, according to Bel Vasquez-St. John, [...]

Is the Oil Boom Helping Prices at the Pump?

Texas is getting more oil out of the ground than it has since the great boom of the 1970s. And it’s not alone: the oil fields of North Dakota are, for the first time ever, producing over one million barrels a day. Across the country, the boom has lead to predictions that the U.S. will [...]

Big Bend Area Residents call for Local Fracking Ban

From KRTS Marfa:  Some West Texas residents are starting to put pressure on local officials to keep hydraulic fracturing out of the Big Bend region. Fracking is of course widespread in the Midland-Odessa region, but there are active gas leases in counties further south toward the border, and some are worried the industry might be edging ever-closer [...]

Rising Oil and Gas Boom Does Little for Poor in Texas

When it comes to the oil and gas drilling boom in the country, Texas is king. Actually, make that crown a global one: over a quarter of all the active drilling rigs in the world are right here in the Lone Star State. The boom – taking place thanks to hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and [...]

Midland Delays Vote Over Energy Towers

From KXWT West Texas Public Radio: After a special session called by Mayor Jerry Morales yesterday, the Midland City Council has delayed a planned vote over its part of the Energy Towers project in downtown Midland. The council was set to vote on whether to move forward with a $60 million incentives package for the project’s developers [...]

Company Man: Oil and Gas Energy Rep Says Industry Understands Quake Concerns

From KERA News: Alex Mills is a company man. He heads the largest state oil and gas association in the United States. He’s based in Wichita Falls, 90 minutes northwest of the Azle-Reno area, where a series of earthquakes hit six months ago. This story is part of our series on “What’s Behind the North [...]

Rocket Scientist And His Wife Blame Disposal Wells For North Texas Earthquakes

From KERA News:  Gale Wood worked on the Apollo 12 rocket program and later taught science to middle-school students in Fort Worth. But recently this retired engineer has been devoting his time to learning all about earthquakes. Gale Wood, who’s 74, wanted to make clear that he wasn’t an environmental activist. Standing next to his [...]

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