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In the Land of the Oil Bust, the Repo Business Booms

Oil closed at its lowest price in more than six years Wednesday. Some project the price to drop even further. In some parts of Texas that’s bad news for almost everyone. The economic ripple effect of low prices leads to layoffs and slams the breaks on local economies.  But there’s one business that’s going through a boom in […]

In Some Texas Oil Towns, This ‘Downturn’ Feels More Like a ‘Bust’

Even before oil prices plummeted last year, the town of Alice, Texas was feeling the paincaused by a restless oil industry. Some oilfield service companies had moved operations from Alice, located near Corpus Christi, to places deeper in the Eagle Ford Shale. That cost the town jobs and tax revenue. Then, starting around Thanksgiving, the value […]

Oil Prices Spell Bad News For Texas Budget Forecast

This week, oil prices dropped below $50 for the first time since February, a development that could upend the state’s predictions of oil revenue for this year. Estimates from the Comptroller of Public Accounts put oil prices at an average of just over $64 per barrel in 2015 and 2016. And, as of now, those […]

Mexican Venture Capital Seeks Permian Basin Opportunity Amid Oil Downturn

This story was reported by Lorne Matalon in collaboration with Fronteras, The Changing America Desk. Mexican venture capital is hovering over distressed energy companies in the Permian Basin of Texas, the nation’s highest-producing oilfield. Those companies – including oil and gas drillers, and service companies – crafted budgets when the price of crude oil was 100 […]

Legislation Aims to for More Oversight of Scrap Metal Recycling in Texas

Houston area residents who live near some scrap metal recycling facilities are inhaling dangerous levels of a metal carcinogen called Chromium Six. It’s the same pollutant at the heart of the class action lawsuit portrayed in the film Erin Brockovich. The Houston Chronicle first reported about the pollution in 2012, after the city received 189 complaints […]

Looking for a Silver Lining in Falling Oil Prices in Texas

Economists and state officials are reaching for their calculators as to predict how  the Texas economy will respond to lower oil prices. We’re already seeing falling oil and natural gas revenues pinch incomes and constrain spending, including layoffs at some energy companies. But is there also a silver lining? Could the downturn in the energy […]

West Texas to Mexico Pipelines On Track for 2017 Finish

A Dallas-based company looking to build two sizable natural gas pipelines from Far West Texas to Mexico says it plans to have both pipelines built and operating by early 2017. Energy Transfer won a contract from Mexico’s electricity commission to build the manage the pipeline’s construction. It’s estimated the two 42″ lines could carry a combined 2.8 […]

Company Wants to Expand Nuclear Waste Site in Texas

A Dallas-based company is looking to expand its nuclear waste site in rural West Texas into a longer-term storage site for high-level radioactive waste. Waste Control Specialists (WCS) is asking the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission to approve a new license to expand its above-ground storage facility in Andrews County to allow more radioactive types of waste. The […]

It Looks Like Financial Markets Are Betting On Keystone XL

The financial markets may be betting that the Keystone XL pipeline is a done deal. The U.S. House and Senate have now both passed bills to force approval of the controversial pipeline.  The southern leg of the project already delivers oil from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf Coast. But approval of the full build-out […]

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