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During Spanish flu pandemic Oklahoma City’s teachers were ‘true heroes’

When virus struck OKC in 1918, teachers and children rose to the occasion

Raising the kindergarten age in Oklahoma may leave some children out

A controversial proposal in the Oklahoma state legislature would delay the age kids would be eligible to start kindergarten and put Oklahoma on-trend with dozens of other states. But some childhood experts say the trend may not serve Oklahoma kids well.


Trump plan to halt HIV hits rough road in rural Oklahoma

Experts say HIV prevention strategies that work in progressive cities like Seattle won’t necessarily work in rural Oklahoma.


Former Governor Walters: Don’t Waste Oklahoma’s Water, Sell It To Texas

In a commentary piece from NonDoc, Walters, a Democrat who served from 1991-1995, says 30 billion gallons of unused water flows into the Red River each day, and capturing and selling just a small portion of it could end the state’s financial problems and make southeast Oklahoma’s economy boom.


Drought Creeps Back Into Oklahoma As Dry Fall Leads to Waterless Winter

Drought is back in Oklahoma. More than half the state now falls in the extreme drought category, and normally water-rich southeast Oklahoma is bearing the brunt of a very dry fall and winter.


From the Desert to Oklahoma’s North Pole, A Woman Who Made Water Her Mission

The lakes and streams of southeast Oklahoma are vital to the area’s economy, and Broken Bow resident Charlette Hearne has made it her mission to stand in the way of attempts to move water out of her part of the state.


With Water Settlement Inked, Tribes Now Selling The Details Back Home

After five years of confidential negotiations, the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations have reached an agreement with the State of Oklahoma over water in southeast Oklahoma. The deal has been praised by state leaders as a historic accord that ends the tribes’ lawsuit that blocked Oklahoma City’s plan to pump water out of the region. But the deal still has to be sold to tribe members in that part of the state.

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Norman Wants Water Independence, but Still Needs Oklahoma City For Now

The idea is for Norman to be water independent. For now, however, Norman still needs the water Oklahoma City is selling.


The Murrah Bombing’s Role In Oklahoma City’s Downtown Renaissance

Downtown OKC is a far different, and much better place than it was in April 1995.


The View From Sardis Lake: Why Moving Water to Where It’s Needed is So Hard

Moving water from where it’s plentiful — in sparsely populated southeast Oklahoma — to where it’s needed seems like a logical way to meet everyone’s future water needs.

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