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Oklahoma’s Utilities Moving Away From Coal Despite Trump’s New Climate Order

President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order to roll back many Obama-era rules meant to combat climate change.


Why OKC’s Electric Transformer House Is On the National List Of Historic Places

StateImpact visited the Electric Transformer House to find out why this seemingly random, unimpressive looking place was being elevated to historic status.


OG&E Again Asks Regulators to Approve Environmental Plan For Coal Plant

Oklahoma Gas and Electric went before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission again this week to try to get approval for environmental upgrades at its coal-fired power plant in Red Rock, Okla.


Obama’s Clean Power Plan: Oklahoma Officials Attack, Utilities on Path to Comply

Oklahoma’s largest utility companies say they’re already on track to meet the carbon-reduction goals in the federal plan.


OG&E Plans Expensive Move Away from Coal to Comply With EPA Rules

A plan to comply with the regional haze rule is due in August.


U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Attorney General’s Challenge to Federal Haze Rule

In effect, the EPA rule would require coal plants in Oklahoma and dozens of other states to shut down, install expensive air scrubbers, or switch to a different fuel source.


Supreme Court Rules on Coal Pollution, Dealing Blow to AG Pruitt and OG&E

In a 6-2 decision, the court on Tuesday revived the EPA’s cross-state pollution rule.

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