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How One Austin Church Could Lead to More Urban Solar Power

Solar Panel Array

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The promise of harnessing the power of the sun and turning it into renewable energy has attracted countless businesses, governments and environmental groups. But it might be a church here in Austin that ends up bringing one of the next breakthroughs in solar technology.

To understand the scope of this project, it helps to know that Saint David’s is no little roadside chapel. The Episcopal Church in downtown Austin fills up a whole city block. It provides your typical church services and then some.

“We have a coffee shop, we have a restaurant, we have a pre-school for children,” says Terry Nathan, the parish administrator. “The better part of our basement is dedicated to a homeless center.” The Church keeps a staff of caterers for its side business hosting events, and has a bookstore and parking garage, which they make available for commercial use. All that takes a lot of electricity.

So about ten years ago, church members got the idea to put solar panels on the parking garage. But they didn’t take the plunge until last year. That’s when low interest rates, improved technology, and government rebates all came together.

“We had a window of opportunity that actually let us create a rather significant solar project,” says Nathan. And they were in Austin, probably one of the most progressive, solar-friendly cities in Texas.

So Nathan felt a little shock when people at the city-owned electric utility told him the project was not allowed. “I brought the Austin Energy people together and said ‘What can we do?’ And basically they said, ‘Not much,’” remembers Nathan.

The problem? The church’s proposal was too big, with solar production of around 150 kilowatts. In the end, church allies at City Hall convinced Austin Energy not to pull the plug. But that took some tricky engineering.

It goes back to the way cities set up electric grids in downtown areas, says Clayton Stice, a power engineer with Austin Energy in the system engineering group. Stice says downtown networks are often separated from the rest of the city, to ensure extra protection for densely-populated, commercially-important parts of town.

“The issue this causes is that, for safety, the system is designed so that power can only flow to the customer,” Stice says. “So if there is any back-feeding power, the circuit trips and opens up and cuts off power to that facility.”

The Saint David’s solar plan was so big that on days when there’s plenty of sun, but not much need for AC, it could create more electricity than the church needs. That would send electricity back to the grid, where it would register as a malfunction. It could not only cut off power to the building, but over time damage equipment, putting the downtown network at risk.

“Other cities have tried putting these larger solar systems in effect and those systems are all sized to be smaller than the annual minimum load,” Stice says. “This is unique in that’s its much larger than the annual minimum load.”

The fix was to create a system that will decrease the amount of electricity produced during those days when the panels make more energy than the church needs.

Bennet Ford, an engineer on the project with contractor Meridian Solar, says it was the first time he’s worked to reduce a project’s capacity. “You never like to curtail a solar system that’s free energy from the sun and it’s not going to be used here on site,” Ford says.

But with these new controls in place, the project could move forward. On a recent day, Ford watched as cranes took positions at the church. He says if all goes well, the project can serve as an example not just for other buildings in downtown Austin, but in other cities.

“We’re trying to lead the way and show other utilities, we in partnership with Austin Energy, how this can be done,” Ford says.

Austin Energy says it is already getting calls from other cities. But the utility urges patience. It will take at least a couple years of monitoring Saint David’s solar power installation before the city has a clear sense of how well the system works from a technical and economic standpoint.


  • Brad Sloan

    From the story, it sound like Austin Energy doesn’t want competition cutting into their revenue stream. I see big power companies fighting solar power every step of the way unless they are providing it. Sound like no selling electricity back to the power company. St. Davids should look into battery storage if it not too expensive and get off the grid completely.

  • Steve Svensson

    Greedy power companies like the monopoly they have. Solar intrudes on that monopoly. Don’t buy into the lies. As a 25 yr electrician, I can tell you the system can handle the excess input, but the pockets of the money changers can’t

  • HCS

    It seems odd to decrease capacity. Surely there is a way to use redirect the surplus energy even if only to store it in batteries for later use or to heat water or any number of things. Is there something missing from this story?

  • It’s a tall building… Too bad they’re not pumping the water up to a tank and then generating power on dark days that way. I’d also say that promoting the use of electric cars (and free charging at the church) to parishioners who live and/or work downtown could absorb a bunch of power too! :-)

    • Heidi Noel Eichman-Trevithick

      Just to add to that note, it’s the city that gets the revenues from the charging stations and not the church.

  • FK46

    Before you get too upset with the greedy capitalist power company … Austin Energy is OWNED by the City of Austin. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austin_Energy. Maybe, just maybe, the progressive City of Austin is protecting its revenues.

  • BSargent

    St. David’s does, in fact, provide charging stations for electric cars in its parking garage……

  • Frank S

    Since the city’s grid is the problem, it doesn’t make much sense to decrease the efficiency of an already inefficient generation method. Why doesn’t the city allow St David’s to construct their grid on the rooftop of a non-downtown city-owned structure, meter the output, and give St David’s a credit the following month? Seems like a better solution than throttling the solar grid.

  • Chris Mason

    In the Caribbean islands, we are not given credit for exported power, so we build systems for commercial customers by profiling the customer’s power usage then building systems to supply about 80% of the load at midday.

  • Andrew Engroff

    Yet another argument for updating the incredibly outdated power grid we have nationwide. Yes, I realize that’s a huge expenditure, but it would create jobs too. Plus it needs to be done so that we can leverage green energy.

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