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Want to Opt Out of a Smart Meter in Texas? It Will Cost You.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas says concerns about smart meters are "unwarranted."

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The Public Utility Commission of Texas says concerns about smart meters are "unwarranted."

They’re in over 6 million Texas homes. But if you want to get rid of them, you’ll have to pony up. We’re talking about smart meters — advanced electricity meters that communicate wirelessly with the grid. They’ve spread rapidly across the state since 2005, when the state legislature passed a law to fund and encourage the distribution of smart meters. Now they’re in 97 percent of Texas homes in the deregulated electricity market, according to the Public Utility Commission of Texas. (In the non-competitive areas of the Texas market, Austin has smart meters installed throughout its area, while San Antonio is slowly expanding smart meters in the city.)

But after some Texans (notably, the Alex Jones/Infowars crowd) made their privacy and health concerns about smart meters vocal, the Public Utility Commission decided to give people a choice to stay out of the smart meter craze. “The customers who opt-out will have to pay the costs that will be incurred to be able to do that,” Public Utility Commissioner Ken Anderson told StateImpact Texas recently. “We also will be requiring those customers to acknowledge in writing that they understand they will be losing some benefits from not having the smart meters.”

Now that the rules have been figured out, some transmission companies are submitting proposals for how much they want to charge customers who opt out. It isn’t going to be cheap.  If you’re in the competitive market of Texas (most of the state other than Austin, San Antonio and El Paso) choosing to opt out means you can be subject to a one-time or recurring fee, or both, totaling hundreds of dollars.

Trade publication SNL Financial waded through several filings with the Commission and here’s what they found: If you’re under American Electric Power in Central Texas, it could cost you more than $200 to stick with an old analog meter if a smart meter hasn’t already been installed at your house. To come and replace a smart meter with an analog one will cost you even more, more than $300, plus $18 a month. If you’re an AEP customer in North Texas, it could cost you $356 to replace your smart meter with an old analog one, plus a recurring $35 monthly fee.

The list of charges goes on: Oncor could charge you more than $400 to have an analog meter instead of a smart meter installed; if you already have a smart meter, Oncor could charge you as much as $842, plus a monthly fee around $25. Other transmission companies like CenterPoint are proposing smaller one-time charges, but some of them with higher monthly fees.

The commission maintains that smart meters help utilities to respond to outages faster and allow both utilities and consumers to better track energy use. Analog meters also require manual readings, unlike smart meters. That means a utility company has to visit your home each month to track your usage.

The Commission says that privacy and health concerns about smart meters are “unwarranted,” and that they emit ”an RF signal that is at least ten times below the FCC standard and is considered safe for everyday exposure.”

Customers have the opportunity to weigh in on the proposed fees at the commission’s website.


  • bob bishop

    That is messed up..

  • affected123

    So basically on top of your medical bills that this smart meter as helped occur you have to pay an arm and a leg to stay healthy. Smdh…aep said it was safe..they lied..lawsuits will prevail

    • Rachel Flanagan

      Electric bills are cheaper once the smart meter is removed, even with the extra monthly fee. My electric bill went up 30% with the smart meter, because I refused to use less energy during “peak” hours. With my old analog meter back on, my bills have dropped 30%, they can’t charge me for using electricity during peak hours with an analog meter.

      • carry

        My bill has doubled…

        • Rachel Flanagan

          That’s horrible. Are you in a state where you can have them removed? It took a year to have mine removed in Texas.

  • CJ Hoff

    “Smart meters emit an RF signal (aka: RF radiation) 10 times below the FCC standard”. The problem is the FCC only addresses the potential thermal impact, and completely ignores the non-thermal biological effects (i.e. DNA damage, reduced and damaged sperm, depleted melatonin, headaches, heart palpitations, insomnia, etc.). One good report that shows the most recent research studies is “Bioinitiative Report 2012.” You can check it out at: http://www.bioinitiative.org/ Wireless technology is dangerous, and our young ones are the most vulnerable.

    • rhondareichel

      Exactly…..people are very sick from RF contamination

  • rhondareichel

    not true those meters make people sick….the commission is wrong

  • rhondareichel

    they don’t save money….they cost more so why do it….to put meter readers out of a job?

  • escapefromobamastan

    THEY LIE about not being harmful. Also, Oncor called the police because I refused to have a smart meter installed and they came to my home and stood there like idiots while Oncor took the analog out and put the smart meter in. They threatened to cut off my electricity also, if I didn’t have it put in.

  • Scared of smart meters in Texa

    Texas PUC is wrong, Wrong, WRONG.

    They are harmful to humans (especially children), pets and even planets.

    The World Health Organization classifies smart meters as a class 2-B carcinogen, the same as asbestos.

    Hello, people, wake up.

    • Rachel Flanagan

      I’m in Austin, and they let me remove smart meter, and put analog back on.
      I’ll never live in a house with a smart meter again.

  • happy

    Navarro County Electric has an opt out program b/c me and my husband stormed into the annual meeting and spread knowledge on health effects after the forcivily replaced my analog meter. They would not turn the mic on for me, but i spoke loud! Continue the fight it is worth it!

  • Jane

    I have also had different health problems.I just found out that them smart meters are a health hazard.My side of the bed where I sleep is just right on the other side of the wall where our meter is.I couldn’t be any closer to it.My blood pressure is way up and Dr’s don’t know why,but I do now! I don’t know where to start to get any help on this matter.I want the old meter back.

  • Time Will Tell

    Actually it’s pretty bad. Please watch and learn about SMART meters. Check out YouTube for engineers that know. See here…

    We rent so I plan on making a smart cage and grounding it to the grounding rod below as well as painting the inside wall with 95% reflective RF paint.

    The Dark Side of ‘Smart’ Meters


  • Kaye Williams

    another way for the rich to richer and the poor to struggle more

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