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U.S. Set to Be Number One in Oil and Gas Production This Year

The U.S. is set to be the number one producer of oil and gas this year.

Chart by EIA

The U.S. is set to be the number one producer of oil and gas this year.

The current domestic drilling boom has brought plenty of jobs, traffic and concerns about pollution and sustainability. It’s also put the U.S. in a position that was unimaginable a decade ago: this year, the U.S. will be the number one producer of oil and gas, according to the federal Energy Information Administration (EIA).

“Since 2008, U.S. petroleum production has increased 7 quadrillion Btu, with dramatic growth in Texas and North Dakota. Natural gas production has increased by 3 quadrillion Btu over the same period, with much of this growth coming from the eastern United States,” the EIA says in an analysis today. Production has also been up for Russia and Saudi Arabia, but not nearly the same amount. The U.S. and Russia had been neck and neck for the past few years; this year, the U.S. struck a clear lead in fossil fuel production.

The increase in domestic production is due largely in part to the use of drilling techniques like hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and horizontal drilling. Those methods — largely proven viable in Texas — have allowed large domestic deposits of oil and gas to be reached. Texas has taken the lead in that domestic production, and is projected to continue to do so.


  • Understanding shale gas development would help since we are now an industrial zone. Horizontal drilling, perfing, fracking and extraction in shale is the new experimental thing that became feasible in 2002 in Wise County and viable only in 2006.

    Google Dr. Anthony Ingraffea of Cornell University and watch his educational youtube video “Facts on Fracking.” He focuses on the process in the Marcellus Shale but also discusses the Barnett Shale and others. We’re the guinea pigs and it doesn’t feel so great to know and understand that fact.

    Also watch the Delaware Riverkeeper’s recent youtube interviews with Dr. Ingraffea:


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