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Cattle Theft on The Rise in Texas, Despite Tougher Penalties

Larry Schatte manages an auction house in Giddings.

Photo by Mose Buchele

Larry Schatte manages an auction house in Giddings.

The Giddings Livestock Commission holds its auction every Monday. Hundreds of cows pass through, brought in by their rightful owners to be sold to the highest bidder. But, every now and then, auction manager Larry Larry Schatte says, a contraband cow finds its way into the mix.

“Probably about a year ago. This one guy, he’d usually bring in some cattle for his mom,” Schatte told StateImpact Texas on a recent auction day that the man would always bring in the same kind of cow, a specific type of cross breed.

“And this one particular time he came in with a couple of long horns, and I thought it was kind of an odd deal,” he said.

Turns out, it was. The cattle had been stolen from a ranch where the man worked. Stories like this are becoming more and more common.

Ranchers saw a sharp jump in cattle rustling last year in Texas and Oklahoma. Over 10,000 cows and horses were reported missing or stolen. That’s an almost 40 percent increase from the year before. It’s a trend that’s surprised some in law enforcement.

Doug Hutchison is a special ranger commissioned by the Texas Department of Public Safety to investigate cattle theft. He points out that — since the drought ravaged herds in 2011 — there’s simply less and less Texas cattle to steal.

“I was really starting to think that maybe we’d start to see a downturn, because these ranchers are watching so close to what they have with the downsizing of the herd, it’s a little easier to track,” said Hutchison.

He might have had another reason to expect a decline in thefts: Penalties against rustlers were toughened by Texas lawmakers in 2009. Now, the crime could put you in prison for up to 10 years. But ironically more and more cattle have gone missing or stolen since that law was passed.

Richard Hartley chairs the Criminal Justice Department at UT San Antonio. He says it goes to show that tougher sentencing doesn’t generally serve as a deterrent. After all, cattle rustlers plied their trade even when the penalty was death.

“If you read a lot of the research or even just the historical writings on that era. When there was hangings in the town square crime would actually go up,” Hartly said. “Because when you had a lot of people congregated in an area where pickpockets would know that we steal stuff from them.”


Photo by Mose Buchele

Hartly said the reasons people do or don’t resort to crime has to do with other things. And that brings us back to the drought Hutchison mentioned. There’s less cattle because of it, but the cattle that’s left is more valuable, making it an appealing target for thieves. Special Ranger Hutchison says those theives are often desperate to feed drug addictions.

“Not always, but I would say the majority of these cases are driven by the meth community. ’Cause they know it’s some quick cash,” he told StateImpact Texas.

Ranchers I spoke with mentioned the rise in hobby ranches as another possible reason. These are ranches owned by urban professionals who may only visit infrequently. That leaves their cattle less supervised and easier to steal.

Something else that makes cattle theft easier? Hungry cows. And that brings us back to the drought yet again.

“During a drought those cattle will actually come to a pen because their hungry. So it actually makes it easier for someone to steal something,” said Larry Schatte.

One final reason for the uptick in theft: the economy.

The slow economic recovery hasn’t yet come to many parts of rural Texas. Leaving some willing to take the risk of cattle rustling, regardless of the penalties.


  • I think it’s “the easier to pen,” due to the drought and the price of calves because of lower numbers of the total cow heard. I try to get a count fairly often because we are always concerned about theft

    • fewiz

      Yeah, that was my point in saying this was a stupid article. Most of the author’s rationale is just dumb, he writes like a 6th grader, and that professor’s remark about tough penalties not being a deterrent just sounds stupid – I expect that idiot author quoted him out of context.

  • Chance Burton

    Stll miss my Big Brangus Bull someone stole , Suspect a real jerk

    • Ed

      Aren’t those huge? How do you steal an animal that big?

      • oldbill07

        load it in a horse trailer.

    • Col. Ben

      Sorry for your loss. That’s really a tough one.

  • Jen Atalia

    On my place the death penalty is still in effect.

    • Ed

      It’s the Code of the West, not the death penalty. Or if you prefer, Colt Justice.

      • Col. Ben

        I prefer Smith & Wesson!

        • Don

          Hell, Marlin, Remington or Winchester are fine substitutes also!

      • cranky_1970

        Colt still makes the SAA 1873. And if you don’t mind the hassle of loading it you can get yourself a replica of a Colt Dragoon from the Aldo Uberti Co — perfect for blowing the ass off a cattle thief.

        • Will Wickman

          If i had a bull he would look like…………

    • texanbynature

      Any time we find someone “rustling” our cattle, the death penalty is more than just a rope. Stealing cattle, sheep, dogs, geese, or ducks is a crime.

      Voters should thank many of our fellow-Texans for saving them a lot of money of trials, endless motions, expensive lawyers, and soft judges from other states.

  • MaxDamon

    Rustlers can make a pretty good amount of money by stealing a few bovines each week. It’s a profitable crime. Some ranchers patrol their large ranches by plane/helicopter to try and keep a handle on this problem. Just like in the old west, rustlers should be shot or hanged on site.

    • oldbill07

      As I recall Sky King had a big ranch and a plane.

      • Billy

        Out of the western Skys

      • fewiz

        My brother uses a helicopter to audit his deer herd. LaParrillaRanch.com if you like big bucks.

    • texanbynature

      Just remember what to do with the bodies.

      • sockrayblue

        Feral hogs will clean up a body overnight. A small herd will clean up the State legislature.

  • Jim Panyard

    Where’s “The Duke” when you need him?

    • Ed

      And Randolf Scott, Audie Murphy, Chuck Conners, Gene Autry, Lee Van Cleef.

      • Aussievick

        Hop-a-long Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, the Cisco Kid, & the Lone Randger!

        • Will Wickman

          where’s Obama

          • BenJones1

            Playin’ basketball, golf or on vacation. When he isn’t doing that he is making another speech about (you fill in the blank) and getting praise from the mainstream media.

          • doliver

            playing spades

        • Aussievick

          Somewhere in that Twilight Zone of achievements he purports to have.

  • cupera1

    I remember these stories back when Carter was in office and the cattle were being stolen at a high rate back then. When you have a valuable commodity that can be stolen and sold easily bad people get into the business. This is just another reminder of Obama being Carter II

    • skyshoes

      Well pard let’s go way back in history.. Not to just made up wing nut land where you can blame duly elected presidents. Deep in the heart of Texas wasn’t there a whole passel o’ fellers whut used to go down to Mexico and rob the ranches blind? W-hell dad gum, didn’t y’all actually make off with a whole chunk of Mexico?… I believe its an inbred trait. Rustlin’ and stealin’? I don’t think you have enough trees to lynch all the shady characters down yonder.

      To all the legitimate cattle ranchers who have suffered a loss though thievery I am truly sorry for you loss.

      To the political illiterates mouthing off, I think y’all shootin’ yerselves in the foot… Yeeehaw.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Hang them, it’s Texas. It’s time to start giving the bumper crop of human scum in our country a dirtnap, jail only teaches them to steal better.

    • Ed

      Code of the West, You don’t shoot a man’s horse and you don’t rustle his cattle.

  • Doug Doakes

    Don’t try to blame it on drugs or the economy. Blame it on thievery. Criminality. There are thieves out there who own new trucks and steal for a living.

  • Willis

    It takes b@11s to steal cattle from a man’s property. It takes an especially bigger set to do it in Texas. By definition here, b@11s is synonymous with stupidity.

  • Moonshine Moo Cow

    Dont forget ranchers, a .308 can still reach out 1700yds with center mass accuracy.

    Drop ‘em where you spot ‘em.
    Buzzards got to eat too.

    • brandon

      Actually, 800-1000 yards max, but yeah.

  • Richard Klendennon

    If you see somebody on your place, you better get your gun but stay hidden and call the sheriff. I know you think you are one bad SOB but you don’t know what you are dealing with.

    • BenJones1

      I do! Dead rustlers.

    • Clay Autery

      Hide? What the hell kinda Texan are you? You don’t have to be a “bad SOB” to stand up and fight for what belongs to you. You just gotta stand up. Pussies and victims hide.

      • Richard Klendennon

        I am an OLD Texan who fought for your punk ass in Viet Nam. Trust me, I know how to fight and I’m not a pussy or a victim. I’m old, and got this way by being smart.

  • JWHacket

    It’s those California leftists moving in and setting the cows “free”.

    • cranky_1970

      It’s those California leftists moving in and giving the cattle thieves sanctuary.

      • miffedamerican

        I just lol’ed. Thank you for that

  • bikerdogred1

    It’s time we got the Lone Ranger on the case,this was made for him.

  • fewiz

    stupid article.

    • Seed_Of_Filth71

      stupid avatar moron!

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        I don’t really care, but it just seems strange to say that about an avatar. What is yours supposed to be, BTW?

  • funkybro

    Hang ‘em. The article says that if you do crime might go up, but I can guaranty it won’t be by the ones that are hung.

    • Richard Klendennon

      I have advocated the return to public hangings for years. You drop some of the bad guys through the trap, and watch the crime rate go down. I also think we should re-institute dueling. If people thought they would be challenged to a duel (where the bad guy is alone, and not dependent on his size or age to overwhelm an innocent victim) you’d see a lot more civility.

  • Seed_Of_Filth71

    Mexicans feeding there 90 member families living here Illegally,most meat packing companies hire Illegals right?

    • fewiz

      Let’s see…”their” not “there,” “90-member” should be hyphenated, “meatpacking” is one word, either a period or semicolon after “illegally,” insert a space after that, insert a common after “illegals,” and, no, most meatpacking companies do not hire illegals.

      So, who’s the moron?

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            After that, the trolls here went crazy.

            And yes, I did point out the misspelling of thieves just because they were all doing it just alike. It just seemed strange that no one seemed to be able to spell that word.

            But then the trolls again.

            And still, not one of the trolls has said anything about SOF insulting me for no reason. In fact, he’s getting a bunch of likes.

            This is a strange site.

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            Frank is The Man. Do you ever go to the Zappa Plays Zappa concerts? Great stuff.

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            I think your taking the Zappa ribbing a bit to much to heart. After all I’m kissing a Beluga whale!

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            Not me. I think all the trolls are taking my criticism of SoF too much to heart – focusing on the grammar corrections and missing the real point.

            SoF calling me a moron for having a Zappa avatar was too nonsensical to bother me. I expect that he actually had a problem with me calling the article stupid but is too much of an idiot to voice his real concerns so he spewed the stupidity about my avatar instead.

            But the trolls on this site are ugly. It was one idiot after another, all misunderstanding my criticism, too intent on insulting anything that moved to actually think about what they were saying.

            Still amazed that none of them said anything to SoF, but all jumped on me. I assume he’s a regular here and they’re all buddies.

            But, just another day online, dealing with idiots. No biggie. Some people wonder why this country is going to hell. I think it’s easy to see.

          • Opera Ghost

            no, you are thought a moron because of your hypersensitivity regarding an ‘avatar.’

          • fewiz

            you are a stupid f-uck. I’m not the one that is hypersensitive to the avatar – SoF is. I’ve had that avatar for years and he’s the first one to ever say anything about it. I just thought he was a jerk for calling me a moron for such a stupid reason. I could care less about the avatar.

            WTF is wrong with the people on this site? No one says nothing about the idiot SoF, but jump my case for objecting to his stupidity.

            As I said in another post, it all made sense once I realized this was part of the NPR domain. I inadvertently came to a website full of idiot losers with no class and no integrity.

          • Action

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            another idiot. amazing.

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            SYK, Tx, rhetorical questions do not require question marks.

            Here’s a link if you care to actually learn something before you sound dumb again:


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          So, what’s your problem, that makes you insult people for no reason?

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          Yes, Seraphx037, I did mean “comma.” Thanks for pointing that out.

          Now, since your so intent on insulting people, ask SeedofFilth why he called me a moron for having my avatar.

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            Everybody makes typing mistakes or accidentally writes their when they mean they’re. Stick to the substance.

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            1. SoF called me a moron for a nonsensical reason – my avatar – and with no explanation that I could rebut.
            2. So, I did the only thing I could – compared my post to his, which was truly moronic (“most meatpacking companies hire illegals”) and also included a number of grammar errors.
            3. Unfortunately, being a process kinda guy, I described his moronic statement by listing all of the mistakes in chronological order, which meant the grammar mistakes came first and the moronic statement last. Which, it seems, extended beyond y’all’s ability to maintain focus (ADHD?).
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            So, what “substance” do you think I should have stuck to?

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          You can look in my archive and see that I rarely, if ever, say anything about anyone’s grammar. My point was, he’s the moron.

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          Damn, why do I have to keep repeating this? Can’t you read?

  • Broachman

    If they aren’t eatin em, they’re selling em.
    Point of sale? Somebody is buying. Somebody is butchering them.
    Most of these are not somebody taking a steer to butcher and feed his family.

    Texas has all the wild boar you can eat, and most ranchers would probably help you find them and maybe even pay a bounty to kill them.
    Kill a Hog Today!
    Eat, help feed your kin and neighbors. Everybody wins.

  • Mr. FastPaws

    Minorities don’t seem to be the culprit here…..

  • StevenRobert

    Probably they will need to register cattle, and us ID like a tag in the ear.

    Tags are placed on the ears to ensure livestock is immunized.

    Possibly they could use the tags for ID.

    Although it might be possible to fake the tags, it would be something that could be tried and the tags could be registered.
    Another possibility might be implanted microchips, which are used to identify animals.

    It has been done with horses, as well as dogs and cats.

    That would end the stealing, although would cost something.

    The chips could be read at the sale barn.
    There probably would be some concern about eating them however, if they got into a steak, so probably the FDA was be involved and would need experiments to be sure they are safe for human consumption or they didn’t contaminate the meat in some way.
    Otherwise, there will need to be some kind of paper trail, each animal having papers documenting ownership.
    Someone shows up without papers, they are turned away.
    All this is very involved, costly and causes more paperwork, but if someone abuses the system, then everyone pays.

    • Billy

      Do you know how long it takes to cut out an ear tag, less than 30 seconds. The paperwork to register eartags would be very cumberson especially when working large amounts of cattle as well as the expense both to the rancher and to the tax payers who will half to pay for a new Government entity

  • oldbill07

    get a posse together and bring a rope. That worked well 140 years ago

  • brian

    you sure that the drug lords aren’t packing them with drugs and setting them lose to walk over the boarder, OR how many illegals can fit inside a cow?

  • ltc444

    Maybe they should re institute the 1870s penalty for rustling.

    Hang the thieves from a convenient live oak tree.

  • Barney Fife

    $12 lb steaks will do that

  • Kevin Dougherty

    Cattle rustlers should be cattle prodded.

  • Dywlf

    Maybe if the theives weren’t paying heavy taxes to subsidize the rich ranchers and rich farmers they wouldn’t consider trying to recover their losses.
    And don’t give me that poor farmer/rancher crap.

    • Txcowgirl

      Only a drone Liberal would defend theives while enjoying the food that ranchers and farmers produce.

      • fewiz

        Dang, first the idiot author of the article misspells “thieves,” now you two as well. Seems to be contagious.

        • seraphx037

          shut the ef up and quit you’re crying.

          • fewiz

            whatever. y’all criticize me and say nothing about Seedoffilth calling me a moron for no reason.

            Low class with no integrity.

          • fewiz

            no crying here, sera. I’m making valid points. You’re just being ugly.

        • TNUGA

          “Now you two as well?” Guess it is contagious. Serves you right!

          • fewiz

            It wasn’t a question, Tnuga. You’re trying too hard to be a troll. Peer group pressure can cause that.

          • TNUGA

            Re-read your comment and it make s sense now. My bad.

          • fewiz

            apology accepted. If only the rest of the trolls here had that much integrity. :)

          • seraphx037

            he is still crying, isnt this funny?

        • Txcowgirl

          How about I put you in the pen with my bull and we’ll just see how fabulous your grammer is!!!!

          • fewiz

            If that would make you happy. I’ve been in a lot of pens with bulls, and don’t see what that’d have to do with grammar.

            Gees, you just misspelled a word. I only mentioned it because the other guy did to and the article did. It’s not like I called you a moron. You seem thin-skinned for a Texas girl.

      • Dywlf

        Wrong chippy, I don’t care for any welfare, corporate or personal. I’m just tired of the hype, Millionaire farmers and ranchers parasitizing the people in the form of farm/ranch subsidies while raising the price of their produce to the highest level the market will bear. Obviously you are one of them.

  • robert

    The Frito Bandito is back to stay.

  • Robert

    Back in the 1950′s, my family raised cattle on a ranch on the Red River in Texas. We had people that didn’t steal the cattle to take to market but would kill a young steer or heifer, cut the hind quarters off of the kill and leave the rest to rot. I was told (but never got any verification) that a local butcher would cut up meat like that had sell it across his meat counter. People said he couldn’t do that as he had to have a government stamp on the carcass it came from but since he priced his meat at far lower prices than everyone else, I don’t think anyone could check anything before it got out of the store. Two of the guys that worked for him were convicted of cattle rustling and sent to prison. Neither worked in the store but were always driving somewhere in a pickup to deliver groceries to customers on call in orders.

  • Don

    Time to go back to a tried and true method of punishment if caught stealing cattle. Public hanging.

  • terlet

    In proportion to illegal immigration on the rise?

  • Hot Stuff

    Your reporter should be made to wear the dunce cap and sit in the corner. He wrote “their” when it should have been “they’re!!!” Bzzz!

    • Don

      You so dumb that you can’t figure out the story if their is an error in grammar or spelling?

      • wkj1970

        Would you hire someone after reading a resume where their spelling and grammar was incorrect? If you cannot clearly express your ideas through writing or in speech then you cannot communicate.

    • fewiz

      That’s not the only mistake, HS, the whole article is written like crap. There’s easily a dozen mistakes. But, as you can see, NPR listeners don’t care about that and hate on anyone who has respect for the English language.

  • Humidifier

    Make mine medium rare.

    • Guest

      Medium rare? Hell, just slap it on the ass and introduce it to me.


  • fewiz

    Dang, I couldn’t figure out where all the jerks came from in this forum. I just stumbled on the site while surfing. Then, I looked at the domain – NPR. Explains a lot.

  • nocab

    Illegal immigration up 40 % I wonder if there is a connection ?

  • Malik Nidal

    My penalty for rustlers involves the use of a suppressed heavy barrel M1A with a Litton 845 in 3rd gen mount.

    • TexasPlowboy

      Hank of rope and a tree…..

    • Rooster68

      Texas has the “castle doctrine” and shooting them is legal. I wonder how many of these cows are stolen “on paper”?
      With the rise of urban hobbyist ranchers and most of them involve lawyers?

  • SR9C

    it’s easier to steal cattle than you might think. in most areas, its rare to see the actual rancher on site, so if someone sees a vehicle loading cattle, most people assume it’s the owner. the only people to know the difference are those who know the rancher, or those who live near the field. I live in southeast Texas, and we are surrounded by cattle. i wouldn’t mind taking up a watch for reasonable compensation. ranchers should advertise the need for help in watching the pastures, in exchange for permission to hunt or something. i’d bite on that. i’m always looking for more fields to hunt

  • whattim

    give the cows guns, it is their right

  • labash

    To lower the cattle theft numbers, catch the rustlers and hang them, that would put a stop to it.

  • Ruckweiler

    More men need killing than horses need stealing.

  • goodoldboy

    Go back to the old days and hang any cattle thiefs.

  • Ricardo Queso

    Sounds like it’s time to bring back some “frontier justice”.

  • another_engineer

    Hmmm, thiefs name wouldn’t happen to be Jose .. would it ?

  • Rooster68

    This could be more of a scam than actual cattle theft.

  • BulletInTheSkull

    Cattle theft is punishable by a rope around the neck or a bullet in the skull of the worthless piece of criminal trash that does it. It’s time for Whites to form armed protection groups against hispanics and the inbred mutant homosexual jewish trash that aid and abet hispanic and n!gger criminal activity against Whites.

  • NevaSurrendah

    Hang ‘em high. The wild west has returned to America on an unbelievable scale in the past five years and God is not happy! If the Texas rangers ever morph back into the great organization they were when my great grandfather was rode with them, I would sign up yesterday! Remember the Alamo, God Bless Texas and God Bless The Republic of The United States of America.

  • TruthDetector

    These aliens who are abducting and mutilating cattle had better watch their scaly backs.

  • TruthDetector

    “During a drought those cattle will actually come to a pen because their [sic] hungry.”

    Illiterates posing as journalists…

  • BenJones1

    Rustlers were shot, hung or both in the early days. I suspect those days are a comin’ back.
    After a few bodies or the rustlers are found along a desolate road, the other may take note and heed the warning. Then again, Rustlers are the brightest bunch because if they were they would have a real job.

  • GeorgiaJim

    Somebody better get word to Hillary, Michelle, Feinstein and Waters not to travel in Texas.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Probably being stolen and shipped to NYC as sex slaves.

  • gannamede

    You know what they used to do to rustlers in Texas :)

  • Tipi Rick

    Cattlemen need drones with infrared to watch over the herd at night.

  • Illegal Aliens

    • Quit_Lying

      area 51 aliens

  • Quit_Lying

    Call Sheriff Longmire

  • bubbinator

    The African countries have found good success with Spec Ops operators shooting poachers-why would this not work here? Kill the thieves-no further problems and they would get a clue!

  • rick charles

    Sounds like some ranchers need to do some killing!

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    I think there is also another variable to this story that they are just not covering and that is all the mexicans in the southwestern states, I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the huge flood of mexicans that odumber is allowing to cross border also coincides with an increase in stealing livestock.

  • xThoughtCriminalx

    The Reconquista of Tejas is in full swing.

  • arkivx

    Bring back public hangings.

  • dygene

    Steal a heifer, win an all expenses paid dirt nap!

  • Door King

    Insurance fraud on the rise in Texas: there I fixed it.,

  • Chuck moon

    Maye if the theif was tattooed on his forehead so people could see that he is a theif it might slow it down if they knew they were going to get a big red tattoo or a brand !!! Just a thought !

  • Mike

    Shoot, shovel, and shut up ! Maybe buy a little drone with a camera for less than $100 and catch them in the act !

  • Chicken Lady

    Some rustlers hide their crimes of impersonating an officer, illegal search and seizure, transporting stolen property, laundering stolen property, racketeering, extortion and commodities-tampering under the warm, fuzzy-sounding name of RESCUE AND ADOPTION. Crime is crime. Don’t be fooled! This brand of rustler bribes judges to get rid of any cases against them brought by any farmer who dares to sue.. Just look at the docket for Brewer v. Colin County (her cattle were stolen), with a notice of $100,000.00 bribe in the record. The sheriff and the Justice Department did NOTHING to help Brewer or the other victims and prosecute this special brand of rustler. THAT’S why my livestock is insured by Smith & Wesson.

  • Stop The Left

    What this article didn’t touch on was who is stealing the cows and where else are they taking them? Would seem to me, be easier to get rid of stolen cows south of the border.

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