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Working in the Mine: What Coal Means to East Texas

In East Texas, where unemployment rates in some counties are among the highest in the state, coal mining ranks as one of the biggest employers.

In the war between Austin and Washington over the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to put stricter limits on air pollution, some people in communties like Fairfield and Jewett worry what will happen if coal production drops…or stops.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kim-Triolo-Feil/1320864445 Kim Triolo Feil

    two of the worst Texas polluters coal plants decided to close for part of the year anyway because of the UNeconomics of keeping it open during low demand times….HAH!

    • http://www.facebook.com/txmudslinger Nicole Gage

      sure you’d “HAH” when you have no electricity too, huh?

    • whosebone

      Coal is the cheapest form of energy (natural gas is cheaper but harder to transport), if you are paying $200 a month for electricity, and there is no coal, as Obama stated “your energy bill will necessarily skyrocket”.

  • roestars

    Lets work on getting the cost of wind power and solar power lower they can solve all electricty needs without sacrificing clean air. .

    • http://addictionnomore.com Erik Epp

      have you ever seen a lithium mine it is not much better for the enviroment

      • nazarenergy

        Ya, but these tree hugging libtard circle jerkers will sure as hell plug in their earth killing lithium batteries, straight into a brand new coal free (but heavily nuclear) power supply.

        Hippie says coal is bad.
        Hmm, don’t recall there being any radio active isotopes in coal. Wonder what the half life is for environmental dumbasses.

  • delayne.dillard

    The propaganda Luminant and Energy Future Holdings Inc. vomits out is astounding. Luminant uses fear (big surprise) with their commercials and threats of shutting down 500 jobs in my area. Monticello is one of the major polluters. So while we have people dying of cancer out here, others in Texas get cheaper electricity, right? No you do not. Lignite is the dirtiest coal on the planet and guess what? If you live in Texas, you are breathing the same carcinogens that we in the general area of this God-awful company currently enjoy. Studies have long been standing that the health costs of battling the gross numbers of cancer victims are far worse than cleaning up Luminants garbage. But why would Lumi spend millions on scrubbers when the taxpayers can foot the bill via health and hospital care. There is plenty of natural gas in Texas. Lumi will continue to lie, cheat and steal your lives while they profit. Worst cancer propogation tool in Texas.

    • hyper

      you don`t know what you are talking about

    • http://addictionnomore.com Erik Epp

      what is really going on is they are all smoking crack and probably need to go to rehab and get right. This dirty mining is silly and 500 jobs or not it needs to stop, right along with fracking. You can send them crackheads here to http://www.addictionnomore.com though.

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