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An Interactive Map of EPA Superfund Sites in Texas

View Texas Superfund Sites in a larger map

In 1980, Congress passed a federal law to cleanup sites with excessive industrial contamination. These were places that were so polluted that they required long-term federal cleanups, and they’re known as Superfund sites. StateImpact Texas reporter Dave Fehling reports today that thirty years later, some of these toxic places are still being cleaned up.

In the map above you can see the many Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund sites in Texas. (There are also Superfund sites administered by the state environmental agency, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, that are not included on this map.) Some of the sites have been completely cleaned up (designated in green), while others are still being worked on (in red). Yellow points are places that have been proposed as EPA Superfund sites in Texas.

StateImpact Texas intern David Barer created the interactive map. You can click on each point to learn more about the cleanup there, as well as a link to a detailed EPA report on the site.

A key to the map:

Green: Former Superfund. Site has been cleaned and removed from the list of Superfund sites

Yellow: Future Superfund site. The site has been proposed for the Superfund list but studies are not complete and the site has not become a Superfund site yet.

Red: Current Superfund site.

You can find a full list of the Superfund sites at the EPA’s website.


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