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An Interactive Map of the Keystone XL Pipeline in Texas

Courtesy the Keystone Mapping ProjectThomas Bachand 2012.

Where will the Keystone XL pipeline go through Texas? A new interactive map will show you its route through the Lone Star State.

Photographer and author Thomas Bachand put the Keystone Mapping Project together. While he only has data for four states, he’s still hoping to map out the rest. In an email to StateImpact Texas he wrote that he started the project because “neither TransCanada Corporation nor the U.S. Department of State (DOS) have been forthcoming with this project’s GIS information. This has made it impossible to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline,” he wrote. “While it’s a good start, the scarcity of data underscores the lack of transparency and inadequacy of the Keystone XL review process.”

For the Texas portion of the pipeline, Bachand used GIS data from the Railroad Commission of Texas to plot the route. You can read our earlier five-part series on the pipeline here, All Down the Line: the Environmental and Economic Impact of Keystone XL.


  • Hinehn

    isnt this pipeline going thru the big thicket which is aportion of lagoons and cyrus trees that have been set aside as a texas treasure whcih no one can mess with cause it has very fragile and unique species of birds wild life and gators turtles wow and the caddo native american trbes have there burial grounds onthose properties plus all the water reserviors for east texas and houston and dallas are situated in that area recreational and fishing grounds for texas retirees koch brothers and keystone and trans canada are really messing with some very valuable lands set aside for nature and recreation and our water that we depend on screw that t texas loses it water resources red river lake texoma cedar lake gd what apiece of chyt project why is even texas allowing the destruction of natural habitat for oil and greed is beyond me thecandaiens hae fucked canada with there heavy sulphur polluting oil now this wtf rick rickperry .

    • John Berry

      ONE long, nearly untelligible  sentence?  ONE punctuation mark in the whole thing?

      My advice is to give him a bicycle and let him go live in the woods and swamps of East Texas. The solitude might also allow him to learn how to communicate effectively. There isn’t a single line in that rambling diatribe that doesn’t contain basic English

      Those of such feelings seem to think that their energy needs must be met by producing it “somewhere else” without despoiling  “… our aquifer…  our swamps… our fishing…our turtles…”

      They want to live in a Garden of Eden environment. Of course, they also want plentiful energy to operate their automobiles, pick-up trucks, recreation vehicles,  and fishing boats. Their carbon emissions, after all, are negligible…

      Let them live in their dream world. To make sure that nothing pollutes it, they should never be allowed to purchase as much as a single drop of gasoline.

      • Tina

        duh, the oil is slated to go to China.

  •   WISH YOU COULD HIRE ME SO i COULD PUT SOME PERSONALITY TO YOUR MAP. I have some VERY effective ideas that would grab the hearts of the voters on this matter.

  • The green line is TransCanada’s 2nd proposed location, after being refused twice.

  • Here are the senator’s that will be voting for the oil company and against the citizens.

  • Nebraska Senators for the pipeline

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