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Farmer’s Restraining Order Against Keystone XL Pipeline Reinstated

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The reinstated restraining order prevents the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline from entering a Texas farmer's land.

Just a week ago, a temporary restraining order taken out by a farmer in northeast Texas against the company building the Keystone XL pipeline was dissolved. But late on Friday this week, that restraining order was reinstated by an appellate court.

The landowner fighting the pipeline is Julia Trigg Crawford, who owns a farm in Lamar County, northeast of Dallas. As we reported in an earlier story, her family has been there since the forties, where they grow soybeans, corn and wheat. A few years back, TransCanada approached her family about running the Keystone XL pipeline through her farm. The controversial pipeline would take unconventional oil deposits from Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas. “Well, we didn’t sign initially, and it’s kinda drug on and on,” she told StateImpact Texas. “Each year they sent another letter saying there’ll be more money to kinda sweeten the pot.”

After Crawford repeatedly refused to allow TransCanada onto her land, the company sought eminent domain last fall. Crawford is appealing that claim of eminent domain in a court hearing scheduled for late April.

In the meantime, she sought a temprorary restraining order against the company. Just days after the restraining order was removed last week, the company announced it intended to go ahead and start construction on a southern portion of the pipeline from Cushing, Oklahoma to Port Arthur, Texas.

The reinstated restraining order this week from the Court of Appeals, Sixth Appellate District in Texarkana says that TransCanada “is restrained from entering on the Crawford Family Farm Partnership land and from performing any and all on-site activities that disturb the surface or subsurface of the land.” TransCanada has five days to respond to the restraining order.

Read the full restraining order against TransCanada:

We’ll add comment from Crawford and TransCanada as it comes in.

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  • Stay strong Ms. Crawford! Good luck and give ‘em heck! Fight them til the end!

  • It will be delayed but not denied.

    • Dillard Jenkins

      That is yet to be determined Mr. Clayton. 

      • Tms246

         Can a Canadian company claim eminent domain in the US?

  • Ms Crawford will challenge the Tar Sands common carrier status on April 19 pretrial & 30 trial

  • Captin Stone

    Why would you fight it? This is the republican way.  If a big corporation can make its investors and managers rich at your expense then you have no rights.

  • It is interesting indeed that the arrogance of Keystone XL would result in the marshalling of forces including environmentalists (including several Midwest politicians) who fear for the water table serving the US midwest, and those among the Tea Pary folks who fly into a rage at the notion of eminent domain.

    Let’s not even mention the fact that the pipeline provides no oil whatsoever to the US, but channels the flow through our land to refineries where the ultimate flow will be to Latin America and Europe.  Some temporary jobs, yes;  but permanent stable jobs, nope. 

  • Bob_Marley2

    If a Canadian company can claim eminent domain here in the US. Why don’t they cut to the chase and just claim eminent domain in, say, Iraq or Saudi Arabia?

  • Marilyn Cooper

    Yay! Keep up the good fight!

  • Maggie Henry

    Wait! A Canadian Co. can use eminent domain? When will everyone understand this does NOTHING about America’s energy problems and neither will shale gas drilling…it all goes on the international market to the highest bidder!

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