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Where the Keystone XL Pipeline Would Go Through Texas

Map by the Department of State

The Keystone XL pipeline would take oil from Canada to refineries in Texas

An announcement is expected later today that will delay the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. In the meantime, let’s take a look at where the pipeline would go through Texas.

Which counties in Texas would be affected by the Keystone XL pipeline? Here’s a map from the State Department that outlines (in purple) the approved route of the Keystone XL pipeline from Cushing, Oklahoma to refineries in Texas:

Map by the Department of StateThe Keystone XL pipeline would take oil from Canada to refineries in Texas. You can click on the map to see a larger version.

And here is another map of the proposed pipeline by TransCanada, the company behind it:

Map courtesy of TransCanada

Where the Keystone XL pipeline would go through Texas.


  • Patent1

    This is the stupidest project ever.  A giant pipeline carrying heavy, dirty oil from Canada to Texas for export.  Fuel costs in the midwest would INCREASE, and millions of tons of CO2 dumped into the air.  Only about 3,800 low paying McJobs would be created.  

    • Maheath55


  • Belladonnakincade

    this is really stupid why risk for it to hurt the aquifer and destroy millions of living things like plants and animals. we should think about the Earth and how it could cause more damage then it is worth. i think we should no put in the keystone XL pipeline and think this threw.

  • MidBosque

    Shareholders of energy plays in Alberta’s tar patch support Keystone XL because without U. S. federal subsidies tar sands oil is a poor market performer!  Please write your Texas representative in support of the taking of Texas property owners land’s for the benefit of Canadian energy firms, their financial bankers, oh, and Chinese motorists.  Then, tell your friends.  The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. 

  • This is the oil companies’ version of the Trans Tx. Corridor. Texans will get used and abused by foreign companies in both scams. And to top it all off, the oil will be exported.

  • james clark

    On the other hand people get work and not starve.cry cry bitches,punks.

  • mick

    A Stupid project people say. Regardless of what anyone says it is jobs. Opionions are not warrented. Facts! We as humans us this world up regardless of how or why. Why not this why? This is as stupid as drilling for oil. Or mining for minerals or coal. We as a race destroy. That’s what we do. Whether you want to admit it or not. Do you Drive? Do you have heat in your house? It is all coming from the Earth. Think About it. Facts NOT opinions.

    • Raymond G. Whitham

      Temporary jobs which could jeopardize the environment, water, and air for many recedes to come. Things like this cannot and must not be viewed as a temporary fix with so much at stake. BIG Picture – NOT tunnel vision.

  • john Doe

    I don’t have an issue with it as long as there is no eminent domain used. Let the owners decide what the property is work. If they don’t want to sell or Lease let the pipeline go around them.

    • Guest

      Landowners have no way to stop the pipeline. I repeat landowners have no ability to stop the pipeline. I know this from experience.

  • Joe

    I have thought about it and cannot agree with the people who call it stupid as it creates jobs and will help many people and I mean those who really need the job. These people have prayed for a job like this. As someone else has said, the only sad part is shipping it over seas. We, here in the United States need it as a cushion to get us off of the Arabs oil. These are the Arabs funding the terroist who are trying to kill us. Keep our oil here!

    • Guest

      Ever hear of hemp. Open your eyes and study hemp for fuel. Hemp also replaces plastics, paper, and is biodegradable. We are being suckered by big business.

    • Mac Monkey

      Joe, first of all, it’s not even our oil. It won’t be our oil, and it’s not intended for consumption (use) by you and me or any Americans. It’s Canadian crap oil for which they don’t have a busy enough port to ship it. Best they can do is bribe our politicians to give them a land grab, endanger all of us, take the money from the sale of the sludge to foreign countries, get the money from the export tariffs, pollute our land, kill our wildlife, dump the run-off chemicals and laugh all the way to their CANADIAN banks with what’s left after paying off our congress members. So, sure you may say we need the oil here, but that AIN’T happening because it AIN’T ours. That said . . .

      MY MOTHER AND FATHER have property where the proposed pipe is. They bought that land before I was born over 45 years ago, and Dad, a disabled veteran, built by hand our home, which burned to the ground in 1981. He cleared the ashes and rebuilt the home where they raised the three of us (my brother and sister). My folks still live there to this day farming the land that they share with more members of our family.

      This is not OPINION. It is fact that their property, which they own out right and serves as HOME for two law-abiding, civic-minding, voting, tax-paying grandparents, their son (my brother), as well as their son-in-law and his wife (both army vets) and their five school-aged, sports-playing, honor-roll-making children. That is fact. Anyone who says our government should take their land, their livelihood, my homestead, for the sake of helping out some Canadian (or any) oil company should stop and think. What if this were your home, your land, the one thing in this crazy upside-down world that you could confidently call your own?

      This pipeline is not something HAS to be done or even needs to be done. Besides the POSSIBILITY of some work, literally every consequence is devastating. The tarsand is so toxic and thick it has to be cut with poisonous chemicals just to get it to flow through the pipe. The company has assured in writing that the pipe WILL LEAK and that it WILL take up to six hours to START patching. Millions and millions of caustic additives and biohazard must get separated and go somewhere before the tarsands leaves through our Texas port. WHERE? Into the Gulf of Mexico or pumped into the ground as done with fracking waste water, causing more UNnatural earthquakes. Or maybe by truck across our highways endangering every single person on the road. No matter how you slice it. It’s poison. It was not here, doesn’t have to be here, but for the sake of some jobs, some of you want to toss common sense out the window.

      How foolish can we be? How could any country respect us as we stand covered in poisonous Canadian sludge head to toe, dead animals covering miles of now polluted and worthless land, after clearing a path once home to our own just to drag this hose of death into and out of America’s most vital seaway. Every cent from 3000 promised jobs–all unseen–won’t amount to pocket change for all the slick politicians and CEOs lined up to make their billions. Sure, here Canada, we have no pride. Here, let us hold and handle that eternal gusher of destruction because you’re too geographically challenged AND SMART to do it yourself.

      Those of you wanting FACTS . . .
      FACTS: my family has their land. They are not alone. There are thousands of other families set to lose all they’ve ever known. FACTS: the private property set to be stolen by our government provides actual income in measurable dollars, RIGHT NOW, paid to those who work the land. FACTS: property taxes are collected off that land. FACTS: those jobs and taxes will stop. FACTS: the supposed jobs to be created are hypothetical. Sure some work (short and long-term) will open up until the pipe gets built. But has anyone guaranteed any jobs? Show me a person who has been employed or handed a binding work contract, and I’ll show you a liar. That or I show you a sell out devoid of common decency and respect . . . the kind of person so desperate they’ll take money to methodically destroy the land and lives of countless others.

      Please go back, and ask WHY? Then contact your congress people. It does make a difference, if you voted for an ethical person. It takes THREE CLICKS (I just counted them) to find your congress member AND shoot a letter from this link: http://whoismyrepresentative.com/

      Do it.

  • Sean Swindler

    Given all the environmental risks, the ONLY reason to consider this would be is if EVERY drop of oil coming through the pipeline was sold to the U.S., reducing our demand on middle eastern oil. If not, why in the world would this even be considered? It won’t lower gas prices/increase nat security for us.

    • UTexasex

      The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is in great shape. Now having said that, what are we going to do with the excess? I am buying mid-stream oil stocks, i.e. tanks, fractionators, pipelines (extensions of ones that already exist or make them bigger for increased demand) and I am making money.

  • UTexasex

    If you got a map of all of the pipelines in the State of Texas from the Texas Railroad Commission, you would find they look like train tracks. It would be better for the economy to tie-in the various existing pipelines that already exist than to build a pipeline that could potentially damage agricultural land, and when it comes right down to it, in 25 years time, food will be the most precious commodity on the planet along with drinking water. In 25 years, the geeks in Silicon Valley will have made the combustion engine a museum piece.

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