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Research on Tulsa Program Suggests Statewide Pre-K Has Long-Term Benefits

Kids are scattered around the preschool classroom at Zarrow International School in Tulsa. It’s loud and chaotic, but it’s organized. Some students paint pictures; others write out the letters of the alphabet. The small group sitting around teacher Irene Castell is learning to count and compare numbers. Castell says many kids would not learn these [...]

In Tulsa, a National Blueprint for Managing Floods as Cities Grow and Climate Changes

Tulsa lead stormwater engineer Bill Robison.

In the aftermath of devastating hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, communities across the U.S. are rethinking ways to control flooding and reduce hazards that could be worsened by urbanization and climate change. Writing such plans is a complex, politically challenging process, but one city in Oklahoma has emerged as a national model for [...]

Low Wages, Manpower Shortage to Blame for Tulsa’s Water Problems

Waterworks at the Mohawk Water Treatment Plant in Tulsa, Okla.

Tulsa’s water system is one of the largest in the state, and as StateImpact has reported, serves rural water districts and communities well beyond the city limits. And it’s been lucky. The recent drought hasn’t been as severe for the Tulsa area, and it’s in the eastern half of the state, where most of the [...]

How to Raise Taxes in a Red State

Oklahoma City's Boathouse District is the cornerstone of a revitalized urban core, much of which was built on public works infrastructure paid for by successive tax increases.

On Nov. 6, Tulsa County voters will go to the polls and decide whether they should extend a sales tax increase. The Vision2 measure is inspired by the success its inner-state rival, Oklahoma City, has had with MAPS, a series of tax increases that paid for public works projects, school improvements and arena upgrades to [...]

The Seven Key Industries in Tulsa’s Future Economy


Despite national and state-level financial woes, Tulsa has enjoyed an “economic resurgence” over the last two years, writes Cynthia Kincaid for Area Development, a magazine about corporate relocation and site selection. Unemployment is low, home values and education are steady, and tax collections are up, Kincaid writes. She credits much of the city’s economic success [...]

Visualized: American Airlines’ Impact on Northeastern Oklahoma

American Airlines D-6 at the Tulsa Municipal Airport flight line in 1945.

American Airlines in February detailed a bankruptcy-restructuring plan that eliminated 2,100 jobs from its Tulsa maintenance base. Workers are worried about their jobs, and business leaders are concerned layoffs could mean losing about 10 percent of the area’s aerospace workforce. And while the bulk of the base’s employees live in big-city Tulsa, the bankruptcy could [...]

AA Job Cuts in Tulsa: 3 Things Oklahomans Should Know

American Airlines

More than 2,000 Tulsa workers will likely lose their jobs as part of American Airlines’ bankruptcy restructuring plan, executives announced yesterday. AMR Corp., the airline’s parent company, filed for bankruptcy in November. About 13,000 employees companywide — more than 30 percent of its mechanic-related workforce — are also slated to lose their jobs.

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