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Oklahoma educators are at frontlines of remembering Tulsa Race Massacre

Schools are key to making sure Tulsa's forgotten tragedy is ‘known and understood’

Oklahoma school districts conduct distance learning without the internet

Coverage gap means at least a quarter of state’s students can’t use online resources at home

Trump plan to halt HIV hits rough road in rural Oklahoma

Experts say HIV prevention strategies that work in progressive cities like Seattle won’t necessarily work in rural Oklahoma.


Decades After Turning Backs on Risky Water, Tulsans Wade Into Arkansas River

The section of the Arkansas River that runs through Tulsa is changing. For much of the city’s history, business owners constructed buildings facing away from what has been considered a polluted eyesore. But now Tulsa is embracing its most prominent physical feature.


Tulsa Area Leaders Push To Change The Arkansas River’s Tainted Image

The Arkansas River is an iconic feature of Tulsa, cutting across downtown and winding through the west side of the city. But it has a bad reputation.


Tulsa Seeks Another Non-expiring Tax to Fund $920 Million in Improvement Projects

So the sales-tax extension wouldn’t have a set end date. That’s unusual, but Tulsa has had success with the idea before.

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