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Corrections chief Q&A: Legislative session, executions, closing and building prisons, Oklahoma nation’s top incarcerator

Director Allbaugh discussed a number of issues including criminal justice reform, the Department of Corrections’ budget, developing guidelines for inert gas executions and unsafe conditions in Oklahoma prisons.


After veto, county sheriffs insist the state still owes jails money for housing inmates.

County sheriffs heavily supported a bill they hoped would mean larger reimbursements to county jails that hold state prison inmates and a more transparent reimbursement system. The governor vetoed the bill leaving the debate between county sheriffs and the state unresolved.


Prison program that teaches women to train unwanted dogs upgrades after years of delays

The new facility gives the program a designated building, a new kennel and exercise area with obstacles — and a new grooming area and a walking path.


Oklahoma prisons overflow as inmates say ‘no’ to parole

Roughly two out of three parole-eligible inmates opt-out of parole hearings. State officials say this contributes to prison overcrowding and hurts their outcomes after they are released.


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