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Eyes of the Storm: Hurricane Isaac in Photos

As Hurricane Isaac begins to work its way north of New Orleans, rains and wind continue to hit Southern Louisiana. And once the storm does leave, it will leave behind widespread flooding and damage. In the slideshow above, you can see some of the impacts of the storm so far.

And while Texas was spared this time around, a new report from the Dallas Morning News says that the state may not be as lucky in the future. Environmental Reporter Randy Lee Loftis writes that a scientific consensus is building in the state: the danger hurricanes pose to Texas is growing.

“Scientists warn that risks from hurricanes and tropical storms striking Texas’ long, low coast are increasing. Causes, they say, include faster sea-level rise and stronger hurricanes from global warming, wetlands destruction and coastal development.

The likely results include stronger storms, higher storm surges and worse flooding perils to people, homes and other structures, said Rice University oceanographer John B. Anderson.”

Loftis writes that while other hurricane-prone states like Florida have comprehensive planning to deal with more frequent and intense storms, Texas has no such plan. You can read the full story over at Dallas Morning News.


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