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Keystone the Beer vs. Keystone the Pipeline

Photo by Flickr user Adrian Miles/Creative Commons

Which Keystone do you prefer, the pipeline or the beer?

One is big news in Washington, DC, the other is big drinkin’ on college campuses. As the Keystone XL pipeline made headlines once again this week, the National Journal thought to ask the makers of Keystone beer what they thought of the inadvertent attention suddenly coming their way:

““They share the same name, but that’s where the connection ends,” Coors spokesman Colin Wheeler said in an e-mail to National Journal. “As for potential impact on the brand, it’s highly unlikely.”

The jury is still out on whether a shorter pipeline that doesn’t cross an international border could be called Keystone Light—which is also a beer that has roughly 15 fewer calories than the original Keystone.”

Read more at the National Journal.


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