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Now Read This: Our Top 5 Stories from Last Week

In case you missed it, here are the top five new stories from StateImpact Texas published last week:

  1. How Green is Your Christmas Tree? The Real vs. Plastic Debate: It’s an argument you’ve probably had at holiday parties over eggnog and tea cookies. Which type of Christmas tree is better for the environment, real or plastic?
  2. Your Burger’s About to Cost More Thanks to the Texas Drought: Beef has reached record prices and is projected to rise even higher, thanks to a drought that has decimated herds, increased the cost of feed and driven up demand.
  3. Researchers at Odds with Texas Government Over the Rise of the Gulf: To some researchers, what’s happening to the sea level is a clear and present danger. But they worry the word is not getting out, and that the State of Texas is diluting it.
  4. Tiny Algae Could be a Big Source of Power:  How these small organisms could one day bring major energy benefits to the world.
  5. The Year in Texas Weather (Yes, it was Awful): Drought, wildfires, record heat — we look back at what could be the worst year ever of extreme weather in Texas.


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