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Zombie Activists Going For “That Oily Look” This Halloween

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This Halloween, the streets of Austin will be invaded by a whole new class of the undead: Oil Zombies.

In a bid to win the hearts and braiiiiiins of Austinites, an environmental group called Texans Against Tar Sands is putting together a gathering of crude-soaked undead to protest the Keystone XL pipeline.

The protest is modeled on a similar one that took place in June in London called the “Tar Sands Undead Walk.”

But not everyone is eager to join the marauding hordes.

One commenter on the group’s Facebook page complained that the whole idea seemed “kind of tacky.” “I can’t imagine this will change the U.S. oil policy, or the Texas oil policy, or the policy of any company on the planet,” she wrote. “All that’s left is Austin.” The group replied:

Texans Against Tar Sands Some actions are meant to change policy. This one is meant to let us have fun together, build friendships within our growing coalition, and probably get some press attention to inform more people about the issue.

The group suggests this video for putting together a zombie look on the quick, but to replace red paint with chocolate syrup to achieve “that oily look.”


The zombie protest takes place tonight from 5 to 10 pm at Austin City Hall, as an add-on to the Occupy Austin protests, which had 42 arrests this weekend.

Find out more at Texans Against Tar Sands Facebook page. (If you dare.)


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