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Climate Solutions

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“Between Hevan and Eartha:

A Not-So-Tall-Tale About Climate Change”!

Here’s how you can keep the conversation going:

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  • Are you interested in participating in a small-group listening session? Click here to let us know.
  • Write your reflections or takeaways from the play. With your permission, we may use them online, or we may be in touch with you to see if you’d like to talk about your thoughts for a radio story. We’ll also send those to our funding partners, Solutions Journalism Network and the Rita Allen Foundation. Click here.
  • Let us know if you see climate solutions happening in your life, work, church, community or anywhere else. Your eyes and ears can lead us to do journalism that can highlight potential solutions to climate challenges. Click here.

Thank you very much! We look forward to staying in touch. — Scott Blanchard, director of journalism at WITF and Climate Solutions editor. I’m at

What is Climate Solutions?

Climate Solutions uses engagement, education and storytelling to help central Pennsylvanians move toward climate change literacy, resilience and adaptation. Our work will amplify how people are finding solutions to the challenges presented by a warming world. Join our Facebook group!

Our reporting on potential solutions

This is journalism that doesn’t just identify a problem, but looks at responses to the problems, how they’re working and whether they can be a model for tackling climate challenges. Information from many of these stories helped inspire the script for the play “Between Hevan and Eartha: A Not-So-Tall Tale About Climate Change”

Featured Stories

Rachel McDevitt

What can one person do about climate change? Climate Solutions will help you get started

It’s no one person’s responsibility to solve climate change. But little actions can add up.

By Rachel McDevitt
Jeremy Long

In Pa., climate change stresses old infrastructure. Stormwater fees are seen as a way to help limit flooding, pollution

Cities and towns have to fix rain-related problems, especially since there’s a federal mandate to cut pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. Many turn to stormwater fees to support costly upgrades. But people billed for those fees sometimes don’t know what they’re paying for.

By Shelby Bradford

Home energy use can be expensive and contribute to climate change. New programs aim to cut bills and emissions

New federal money and state programs that aim to help people save on their energy bills while reducing planet-warming emissions.

By Rachel McDevitt
Jacob Dingel

In Pa., climate change threatens the state tree, bird and fish. Work is under way to help the native species

Experts say climate change is fueling and favoring the growth of invasive species—in many cases, at the expense of Pennsylvania’s cherished symbols. But there are some problem-solving options.

By Karen Hendricks
Jeremy Long

Climate change prompts Pa. farmers to adapt crops and businesses

As the climate changes and brings more risks to the traditional farming schedule, farmers are looking for ways to make sure their crops survive.

By Rachel McDevitt

Climate Solutions partners

La Voz Latina Central
Sankofa African American Theatre Company
Franklin & Marshall College Center for Opinion Research
StateImpact Pennsylvania
Shippensburg University Department of Communication, Journalism & Media
York Daily Record/USA TODAY Network

Funding partner

Solutions Journalism Network

Climate Solutions Reporting

Central Pa. organizations form unique collaboration to engage community on climate change challenges, solutions 



Oct. 29, 2021

Harrisburg — Five news organizations, two institutions of higher learning and a theater company announce their partnership to use engagement, education and storytelling to inform and empower central Pennsylvanians to find solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.

This new collaboration — called “Climate Solutions” — is convened by StateImpact Pennsylvania, a public media partnership covering energy and environment. StateImpact Pennsylvania is based at WITF, whose public media news and programming reaches 2.3 million people in 19 counties in central Pennsylvania. 

Climate Solutions’ funding partner is the Solutions Journalism Network, which works with journalists and news organizations to help them focus in-depth on responses to problems, how the responses work and whether there is insight others can use. SJN is providing a $200,000 grant spread over two years for partners to use toward community engagement, events and journalism and education efforts for the next year. 

Collaboration members are:

Climate Solutions’ geographic focus are the counties of Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon and York. We will use community engagement to ask how climate change issues are affecting the lives and livelihoods of central Pennsylvanians. Frequently using a Solutions Journalism lens, we’ll report on what is working — or could work — to help us meet the challenges climate change presents, and whether those solutions could be used in other communities. 

“We’re thrilled to bring together a diverse collection of people and organizations who care about climate change and the challenges it presents, and about helping communities problem-solve,” said Scott Blanchard, senior editor for WITF News and StateImpact Pennsylvania, and editor of Climate Solutions. “It’s a unique partnership. We think our members’ skills, experience and ideas will help elevate the climate story in central Pennsylvania — not to alarm people, but to work with them and open doors to potential solutions.”  

Jennie Jenkins-Dallas is publisher of news organization La Voz Latina Central, a Climate Solutions partner. 

“We not only want Latinos/Hispanics knowledgeable and aware of climate change, but also to include them in the solutions to slow it down,” she said. “With over one million Latino/Hispanics in Pennsylvania, it is imperative that they make a contribution toward saving our planet.”

Carrie Sipes, department chair of Communication Journalism at Shippensburg University, and Dhiman Chattopadhyay, assistant professor specializing in journalism and strategic communications, are leading the university’s partnership with Climate Solutions.

“We hope that this project will lead to both in-depth news/ feature stories offering solutions to the dangers posed by climate change, and in-depth academic research whose findings can be applied by journalists to do more meaningful reporting in this area,” Chattopadhyay said. “Of course, no discussion on the global dangers of climate change and viable solutions for local communities can be complete without including the bright young minds who are learning the ropes of journalism in college today and will be leading voices of solutions-oriented journalism tomorrow.”  

Climate Solutions’ work will be collected at and will be featured on its partners’ websites. 

Find Climate Solutions on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for climate news, as well as information about events in your community.

Press contact: Scott Blanchard, or 717-344-4757