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Explainer Stories
"Calling the balls and strikes" -- the Public Utility Commission 127
AEPS: Requiring PA's Electric Companies To Buy Power From Alternative Sources 30
Air Quality 61
Cabot Oil and Gas 69
Cap-and-trade 10
Carbon capture 8
Chapter 78: controversial new drilling rules 32
Chesapeake Energy: A big driller that's had some problems 111
Chevron gas well fire claims a worker's life in Southwest Pennsylvania 18
Chris Abruzzo 9
Clean Power Plan 30
Climate Change 549
Corrections and Clarifications 76
DCNR: the agency balancing drilling and conservation interests 113
Deep Injection Wells 35
Deep Injection Wells: How Drilling Waste Is Disposed Underground 52
Delaware River Basin Commission: Battleground for Gas Drilling 104
Delaware Watershed 454
DEP: The Department That Regulates and Oversees Drilling 651
Dimock, PA: "Ground Zero" In The Fight Over Fracking 79
Earthquakes 20
Election 2014: Tom Corbett vs. Tom Wolf 27
Electric grid 18
Environmental justice 19
Fracking and public health in Pennsylvania 74
Fracking Earthquakes 20
Gov. Tom Wolf 184
Jobs: how Pennsylvania counts its gas workers 36
John Hanger, a wary drilling advocate 16
John Quigley 31
Keeping the lights on: the PJM Interconnection 29
Lancaster Against Pipelines 6
LNG exports: Marcellus Shale goes global 50
Marc 1 Hub Pipeline 11
Mariner East: A pipeline project plagued by mishaps and delays 301
Meet Joe Scarnati 32
Oil trains 47
Oil trains bring jobs, safety concerns to Pennsylvania 47
One of Corbett's Go-To Shale Guys, Jim Cawley 21
Patrick McDonnell 18
PennEast pipeline 29
PennFuture: PA's Top Environmental Advocacy Group 25
Pennsylvania's Busiest Drilling County: Bradford 82
Pennsylvania's Disclosure Rules: What The Frack's In The Ground? 38
Pennsylvania's First Shale Driller: Range Resources 64
Pennsylvania's Independent Fiscal Offce 12
Pennsylvania's New Pooling Law 15
Perilous Pathways: The Danger Of Drilling Near Abandoned Wells 9
Philadelphia Will Be "Shale Central" During Shale Gas Insight Conference 26
Pipelines: The new battleground over fracking 216
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative 67
Severance tax 46
Shell: One of World's Oldest Oil Companies Shifts Its Focus To Gas 85
Shortchanged: the fight over gas royalties 93
Stormwater runoff 46
Tap Water Torches: How Faulty Gas Drilling Can Lead To Methane Migration 94
The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline 59
The Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission's Members and Mission 57
The Marcellus Shale, Explained 873
The oil and gas law of the land: Act 13 70
The Pennsylvania Guide to Hydraulic Fracturing, or 'Fracking' 736
The Susquehanna River Basin Commission: Guide to Who They Are and What They Do 47
Three Mile Island 64
Tom Corbett (Pa. governor, 2011-2015) 169
U.S. Energy Information Administration 32
What Are Your Burning Questions About Natural Gas Drilling? 15
What's An Ethane Cracker? 125
What's The Difference Between Wet And Dry Natural Gas? 30
Who's in The Marcellus Shale Coalition, and What Does It Do? 94
Williams Companies 19
Wind Energy 22
Your guide to pipelines 194
Your Guide to the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission Report 57