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Carbon countdown clock: how much of the world's carbon budget have we spent?

The clock marks how long it will take, if the rate of greenhouse gas emissions stays the same, before 2 degrees celsius of warming is likely. The 2015 Paris climate accord seeks to keep warming well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Here's how The Guardian built the clock. Here's more on Pennsylvania's response to climate change.


Updated: December 2, 2022 | 2:37 pm

Pennsylvania emissions rule for conventional oil and gas sites moves ahead

The Environmental Quality Board voted 16-2 to adopt the rule limiting emissions of volatile organic compounds and methane at existing conventional gas sites.

By Rachel McDevitt

Emissions limits on conventional oil and gas wells to get emergency vote by Pa. regulators

Pennsylvania environmental regulators are meeting Wednesday to vote on an emergency measure to limit emissions from some oil and gas sites.

By Rachel McDevitt

Plea hearing scheduled in ‘Gasland’ drilling pollution case in Dimock

Dimock drew national notoriety after people were filmed lighting their tap water on fire in the Emmy Award-winning 2010 documentary.

By The Associated Press

Pennsylvania boosts carbon capture research with investment in state geological survey

Pennsylvania core samples have a lot of value for researchers now looking for the best places to inject carbon dioxide, so it can’t reach the atmosphere.

By Rachel McDevitt



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Updated: November 22, 2022 | 7:00 pm

Dimock residents, prosecutors and a utility met to discuss contaminated drinking water

Residents of a rural community whose drinking water has been contaminated for 14 years have met with high-level officials in the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office.

By Michael Rubinkam/Associated Press

Pa. Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan falls short for third time, EPA says

The federal government says it will continue heightened enforcement in the state indefinitely.

By Rachel McDevitt

Natural gas leak in western Pa., thought to have been stopped, is leaking again

The company reported “a preliminary, conservative estimate” that the well was losing 100 million cubic feet a day.

By Reid Frazier

CNX fined $200K for natural gas-related spills in Greene County

CNX delayed reporting and cleanup, the Department of Environmental Protection said.

By Reid Frazier

Natural gas leak in western Pa. stopped after 11 days

Methane, the main component of natural gas, is a highly potent greenhouse gas, 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over short time periods.

By Reid Frazier


StateImpact Pennsylvania is a collaboration among WITF, WHYY and the Allegheny Front.

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