Carbon countdown clock: how much of the world's carbon budget have we spent?

The clock marks how long it will take, if the rate of greenhouse gas emissions stays the same, before 2 degrees celsius of warming is likely. The 2015 Paris climate accord seeks to keep warming well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Here's how The Guardian built the clock. Here's more on Pennsylvania's response to climate change.


Olivia Shumaker, 16, of Lancaster Mennonite High School organized a student walkout Friday, May 3, 2019 to demonstrate for more action to address climate change.

What longtime climate activist Rafe Pomerance wants you to know

“This is the largest transformation governments have to do, which is to re-work the global energy system to decarbonize it,” he said.

By Susan Phillips

The marsh lands of Cape May County.

Climate change brings mosquito whack-a-mole to New Jersey

Rising sea levels and increasing rainfall are changing mosquito habitat on the coast, meaning the department that tries to control them has to change its tactics.

By Dana Bate/WHYY

The site of the Revolution Pipeline explosion that occurred in September 2018. Officials have said said heavy rain caused a landslide, leading to the explosion, which destroyed a house.

The beltline at the 4 West Mine sent coal to the Longview Power plant in Maidsville, West Virginia.

‘You have no choice but to care:’ In coal-centric W.Va., climate change discussion starting to grow

By Kate Mishkin, Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette-Mail

Scientists have been studying the link between climate change and extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy, shown here in a NASA image, which left more than 1.3 million Pennsylvanians in the dark in 2012.

Five climate change science misconceptions, debunked

By Mark Maslin, University College London



House Republicans assembled Wednesday to announce plans for a concerted push to pass a package of pro-energy industry bills.

GOP members begin moving priority, pro-natural gas package

The raft of proposals serves as a rejection of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s own energy plan.
By Katie Meyer

A screenshot showing United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres during an interview Tuesday, Sept. 17 with Mark Hertsgaard of The Nation and Mark Phillips of CBS News, who represented the Covering Climate Now collaboration.

UN Secretary General António Guterres on climate change: Governments need to do more

Ahead of the Sept. 23 Climate Action Summit at the UN, Guterres said, “…what I want is to have the whole of society putting pressure on governments to make governments understand that they need to run faster. Because we are losing the race.”

By Staff

From left, David Roberts covers energy and climate change for Vox; Rafe Pomerance, chairman of Arctic 21, a network of organizations focused on communicating the unraveling of the Arctic as a result of climate change to policy makers and the public; and moderator Mark Hughes, founding faculty director of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the center's event,

A new report from PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center and PennPIRG Education Fund fails Pennsylvania for its use of money from a 2017 federal settlement with Volkswagen over that company’s emissions cheating.

Children, pregnant people and the elderly are the most at risk from extreme weather and heat – but the impact is already felt across every specialty of medicine.

‘Like a sunburn on your lungs’: How does the climate crisis impact health?

Children, pregnant people and the elderly are the most at risk from extreme weather and heat – but the impact is already felt across every specialty of medicine.

By Emily Holden