Reid Frazier

Reid R. Frazier is a public radio producer and writer focused on energy. Since 2011, he has covered energy and environment for the Allegheny Front, a public radio environmental news show in Western Pennsylvania. His work has aired on NPR and Marketplace.

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Gage Meyer, a game commission officer, at a controlled burn in Centre County.

Forest fires — controlled ones — are just what this little bird needs to survive

The golden-winged warbler’s population is plummeting, fueled in part by habitat loss. Fire can help create the young forests the birds need to nest.

By Reid Frazier

In this photo made on Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013, a worker walks on top of a container of chemicals used in the making of a brine water that is then pumped below the surface in a hydraulic fracturing process to release natural gas from shale deposits at a gas well site in Zelienople, Pa.

Wolf’s fracking-health record hammered by new industry opposition group

The group says Gov. Tom Wolf promised to help people who say they’ve been harmed by fracking, and hasn’t delivered. A spokesman said Wolf has taken a ‘balanced approach’ to the industry.

By Reid Frazier

The coal-fired Cheswick Generating Station produces electricity northeast of Pittsburgh.

The Black Dog Hollow waste coal pile in East Bethlehem Township, Washington County. Photo: Reid R. Frazier

Towers carry electricity from the Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Three Mile Island nuclear plant is scheduled to be dismantled between 2034 and 2044.

As nuclear power loses ground to natural gas, environmentalists are torn: Are the risks worth saving it for climate’s sake?

If nuclear plants close, carbon emissions are likely to rise. Yet environmentalists have opposed nuclear power over concerns including radioactive waste.

By Reid Frazier

Polen Run in Ryerson Station State Park, Greene County. Photo: Center for Coalfield Justice

FirstEnergy's Bruce Mansfield Power Plant in Shippingport, Pa. Photo: Reid Frazier

The Black Dog Hollow waste coal pile in East Bethlehem Township, Washington County. Photo: Reid R. Frazier