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Reid Frazier

Reid R. Frazier is an energy reporter for The Allegheny Front, a Pittsburgh-based public media outlet covering the environment in Pennsylvania. His work has aired on NPR and Marketplace.

Latest by Reid Frazier

US Steel fined $1.5 million for violations at Pittsburgh-area plant

The company also must make improvements to the Edgar Thomson plant, including installing a video system to monitor emissions, and conduct a study to determine better ways to control pollution.

By Reid Frazier

Company seeks to withdraw water from western Pennsylvania trout stream for fracking

The company has revised its water request, but some still oppose the plan over fears that it will impact aquatic wildlife.

By Reid Frazier

The race is on (again) to build out a low-carbon hydrogen economy

‘Blue’ hydrogen still emits some carbon dioxide, whereas ‘green’ hydrogen doesn’t. But right now, blue hydrogen is more cost-efficient than because it relies on technology that’s been around for almost a century.

By Reid Frazier

Low-producing oil and gas wells are high methane emitters, study finds

The 4 million metric tons of methane emissions from these wells are the equivalent of 21 million extra cars on the road, the EPA says.

By Reid Frazier

What the latest U.N. climate report says about transportation

The UN’s latest report on climate change issued this week finds there are still things we can do about climate change, including changes to one of our biggest sources of climate polluting emissions: transportation.

By Reid Frazier

Allegheny County’s last coal-fired power plant is closing

EPA data showed the plant emitted 608,000 tons of carbon dioxide in 2020, the equivalent of 129,000 cars on the road.

By Reid Frazier

Sulfuric acid spills from storage tank at Shell ethane cracker plant

Shell says the spill was caused by faulty equipment.

By Reid Frazier

US Steel fined $1.8 million for ‘rotten egg’-gas pollution near Pittsburgh

An Allegheny County study pinned hydrogen sulfide levels on the Clairton plant. The company disputes the findings.

By Reid Frazier

US Steel appealing nearly $900K air pollution fines

Clairton coke works is the county’s largest single emitter of particle pollution.

By Reid Frazier

Drilling legacy left Pa. full of possibly harmful old oil and gas wells. There’s new hope for cleanup to get a jump-start

Pa. estimates there are more than 200,000 abandoned wells. Hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal infrastructure bill could help the state put a dent in plugging them.

By Reid Frazier