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Reid Frazier

Reid R. Frazier is an energy reporter for The Allegheny Front, a Pittsburgh-based public media outlet covering the environment in Pennsylvania. His work has aired on NPR and Marketplace.

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Pittsburgh-area coal-fired power plant to close

Cheswick plant will shutter in September
By Reid Frazier

Coal mine along Pennsylvania-West Virginia border to close

180 people will be laid off in August and September
By Reid Frazier

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy sells land along Clarion River for the Allegheny National Forest

The conservancy said it’s an important strip of land to protect along the Clarion, a National Wild and Scenic River which is coming back from two centuries of logging and other heavy industry.

By Reid Frazier

US Steel cancellation leaves Western Pa. with questions over steel’s future 

The steel industry accounts for around 8 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions. One industry observer says companies see that countries may soon enact policies to cut carbon and deal with climate change.

By Reid Frazier

Study finds patients near US Steel plant had worse asthma after 2018 fire

US Steel says it spent $300 million on environmental improvements on the site since the fire, and is in favor of some enhanced public communication system. 

By Reid Frazier

Law meant to push drilling further from houses had little impact, study finds

The proportion of wells built within the 500-foot distance of a building fell from 8.6 percent of wells prior to the law to 5.7 percent after. But the study’s authors said that trend was already occurring before the law was passed.

By Reid Frazier

US Steel cancels $1B upgrade to Pittsburgh plants

Company cites climate goals, delays in local permitting; finger-pointing ensues
By Reid Frazier

US Steel drops plan for fracking at steel mill

Some residents and environmental groups had fought the effort for years.

By Reid Frazier

Pittsburgh’s air improving, but still gets an ‘F’ from American Lung Association

The Philadelphia, Lancaster and Berks County areas also received poor grades; the Harrisburg area received passing grades. 

By Reid Frazier

Biden’s climate pitch could hit turbulence from some fossil fuel-friendly unions

In Pennsylvania and elsewhere, coal jobs have disappeared as utilities move to cheaper natural gas. Now some worry that ambitious climate goals — and cheaper wind and solar — mean oil and gas jobs will be the next to go. 

By Reid Frazier