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Amy Sisk reports for StateImpact Pennsylvania and WESA, Pittsburgh's NPR member station. She comes to Pennsylvania from another energy-rich state, North Dakota, where she told stories from coal mines, wind farms and the Bakken oil patch for Inside Energy and Prairie Public Broadcasting. Amy's stories often air on NPR, including those from the eight months she spent following the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. A reporting trip to the Bakken during its boom years sparked her interest in energy. Ever since, she's covered the industry -- from the way it is regulated to its influence on policy to its impact on people and the environment.

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Red Whittaker stands beside an early prototype of RadPiper, a pipe-crawling robot that will help decommission uranium enrichment facilities in Ohio and Kentucky. Whittaker has worked in robotics for four decades at Carnegie Mellon University, and he developed several robots in the 1980s that helped clean up after the Three Mile Island Incident.

After TMI accident in ’79, this Carnegie Mellon team pitched a novel idea for cleanup: Use robots. It was just the beginning.

“We had a dream and a few pieces of paper and convinced them that we could solve the problem,” one team member recalled.

By Amy Sisk

A sign warns drivers of natural gas pipeline construction ahead.

US Steel's Clairton Coke Works.

US Steel ordered to clean up sulfur emissions following fire

Allegheny County’s health department says the plant is emitting five times more sulfur dioxide than it’s supposed to, and has to take action to fix the problem.

By Amy Sisk

Chris Wilmer, assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, holds a model of a metal organic framework.

Sarah Olexsak manages transportation electrification for Pittsburgh-based Duquesne Light.

US Steel's Clairton Coke Works

Democratic state lawmakers held a hearing on the Clairton Coke Works fire and subsequent air quality issues Thursday, drawing a large crowd of steelworkers and Mon Valley residents to the Clairton Municipal Building.

A view of the PJM  control room.

Sarah Olexsak manages transportation electrification for Pittsburgh-based Duquesne Light.