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Anne Danahy

Anne Danahy has been a reporter at WPSU since fall 2017. She was a reporter for nearly 12 years at the Centre Daily Times in State College, Pennsylvania, where she earned a number of awards for her coverage of issues including the impact of natural gas development on communities.

She earned a bachelor's degree in communications from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and a master's in media studies from Penn State.

She worked as a writer at Penn State, including with the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute. She’s a volunteer host at C-NET, Centre County's government-education access station.

Latest by Anne Danahy

Pennsylvania sprays for gypsy moths in 19 counties, hoping to bring down a spike in the leaf-eating insect

Trees can handle some gypsy moth caterpillars, but too many mean a tree can lose too much foliage and could die.

By Anne Danahy

Going carbon negative and equity in energy among the topics at Penn State ‘Energy Days’ conference

One presenter said, ““Every single future scenario that says how we avoid drastic climate change is based on having some proportion of carbon taken and put in the ground.”

By Anne Danahy

In Pa., you can pick an electricity provider. Did the Texas storm make you rethink your choice?

The commonwealth says it has rules to prevent price spikes. Have you switched from your default electricity provider, or are you thinking about it? StateImpact Pennsylvania wants to hear your story.

By Anne Danahy

Increasing rain, aging infrastructure lead growing number of municipalities to adopt stormwater fees

Supervisors in one Centre County township recently passed a stormwater fee, but not everyone thinks it was needed.

By Anne Danahy

Note to nesting songbirds: Study indicates the quiet spot — away from a natural gas compressor — might be better

Penn State researchers found songbirds that nested near the noise had fewer eggs that hatched.

By Anne Danahy

Solar panels from a wastewater authority? In Centre County, renewable energy has an unlikely booster

The agency thinks by promoting solar, it can convince the state it’s also helping cut nitrate emissions.

By Anne Danahy

Climate scientist Michael Mann: U.S. is in position to be a leader on climate change

The Penn State professor says President-elect Joe Biden has a mandate to act on the climate crisis.

By Anne Danahy

Penn State looking to grow its role as an ‘Energy University’

University President Eric Barron says he's looking forward to environmental issues getting more focus in Biden administration
By Anne Danahy