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State budget cuts put Oklahoma’s higher education funding back in the 20th century

COVID-19 cuts to higher ed plunge higher ed funding

Legislators increase education funding, kick most health and criminal justice questions down the road

StateImpact followed legislators’ actions on education, criminal justice reform, Medicaid expansion and abortion.

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Fifteen bills StateImpact is watching in the 2019 Oklahoma legislature

With a huge freshman class and a promise for less gridlock, Oklahoma lawmakers filed more than 2,800 bills this legislative session. With a third of the session now over, the StateImpact team has an update on some bills we’re following.

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Educators see few benefits in ballot measure giving schools more financial flexibility

This November, Oklahomans will be asked to vote on State Question 801. This measure gives schools more flexibility in how they can spend their money, but many school leaders say that flexibility won’t improve their financial situation.