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When Bicyclists are Banned, Some Texas Roads Cause Rage

Texas cities are trying to reduce traffic congestion by promoting bicycling. Austin is adding bicycle-only lanes on city streets. Houston voters recently approved $166 million in bonds partly for hike and bike trails. But on some roads in Texas, bikes are banned, raising questions about just where bikers have the right to ride. In the […]

Why Texas Doesn’t Have Subways

Standing in the construction site formerly known as Waterloo Park, you can get a sense for the enormity of a project to tunnel underneath downtown. It’s the northern entrance to the Waller Creek Tunnel, which is designed to prevent the usually slow-moving stream from flooding in a storm. When complete, it will be 30 feet […]

Why the Legislature May Target Drillers’ Overweight Trucks

Looking for ways to pay to rebuild roads damaged by thousands of trucks servicing oil and gas drilling, the Texas legislature will likely consider raising fees for overweight trucks when it convenes in January. “The fees we are collecting today just are not sufficient to compensate for the increased consumption of pavement and bridges,” John […]

SXSW Eco: Drive an Electric Car for Free, But Your Bike Could be Impounded

South By Southwest Eco is Austin’s premiere sustainability conference, so it’s probably no surprise that you’ll find a lot of bike riders there. The conference even has a folding bike rental option. But this morning there were so many cyclists parking at the entrance to the AT&T Conference Center, where the event is held, that […]

What Texas Can Do About Roads Damaged By Drilling

With the good can also come the bad, and that’s certainly been the case with the drilling boom going on in various parts of Texas these days. As drillers use thousands of trucks — hauling millions of gallons of water and other supplies to rigs — roads inevitably suffer. Naturally, people are questioning who is […]

While Profits Are Up in the Eagle Ford Shale, So is Road Damage

The Eagle Ford shale’s development in Texas is growing stronger from increasing production, as crude oil growth overtakes natural gas production. And with more production comes more profitability, according to a new report by GlobalData, a business research company. The shale’s liquid production has increased nearly sixfold, going from 10.8 million barrels of oil in 2010 to […]

As Drilling Operations Continue, Texas Roads Suffer

According to the Texas Department of Transportation it takes nearly1,200 trucks to bring a gas well into production. TxDOT says those trucks do damage to roads equal to nearly 8 million cars. That’s a lot of wear and tear. So it makes sense that the state of Texas roads would get some attention during the […]

Price Tag of Drought Goes Up Again

Add another $253 million to the billions of dollars lost to the drought. That’s according to a new report by the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) that looks at losses from state agencies and public higher education in Texas. $208 million of those losses were due to firefighting costs, most of it spent by the Texas Forest Service. But […]

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