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Eric Aasen, KERA News

Evacuations Underway After Chevron Gas Pipeline Explodes In Milford

From KERA News:

A gas pipeline has exploded in Ellis County – and evacuations of hundreds of people are underway.

Update, 2:54 p.m.: KERA’s BJ Austin reports: Emergency crews called for the evacuation of Milford because of the thick, black, low-hanging smoke blowing that way.

Steve Fano with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth says an inversion – warm air on top of colder air – was acting like a lid.

“Basically, that was keeping the smoke relatively close the ground,” he said. “The good news is as we’ve progressed through the day that layer of warm air has kind of mixed down.  So basically what’s happens is the smoke was allowed to go further into the air and disperse more.” Continue Reading

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