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Madison Goldberg

Madison Goldberg was a reporter for StateImpact Pennsylvania as a fellow with the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Latest by Madison Goldberg

Flight 93 crashed among coal mines. Treating the water there was no ordinary project

Some of those involved in treating the water contaminated by the site’s legacy of coal mining still remember the weight the work carried.

By Madison Goldberg

DCNR’s 25-year plan for state parks stresses need to address effects of climate change

The agency’s recent strategic plan calls for adaptation and mitigation measures, including protections for habitat and wildlife.

By Madison Goldberg

Demolition of two TMI cooling towers postponed until next year

Taking down the structures will mark the beginning of the end for a fixture of the central Pennsylvania landscape.

By Madison Goldberg

PA cities have a sewer-system problem. Green infrastructure can help — but comes with its own risks

Heavier rain related to climate change could make the problem worse. Some who work on these issues say green infrastructure should be part of community-based efforts in order to help residents who face the greatest environmental burdens.

By Madison Goldberg

Biden administration officials eye more money for land restoration projects in Pennsylvania

Federal investment in the cleanup of abandoned mines and wells will boost local economies, they say.

By Madison Goldberg

DEP report: Pennsylvania extracted more natural gas than ever during pandemic

The DEP says production topped 7 trillion cubic feet in 2020.

By Madison Goldberg

DEP pushes to expand electric vehicle infrastructure, but challenges lie ahead

Installing EV chargers is becoming increasingly important in an accelerating market.

By Madison Goldberg

Pennsylvania youth trek to White House to support climate justice initiative

Proponents say the program would address economic inequality and the climate crisis at the same time.

By Madison Goldberg

Poll shows Pennsylvanians support climate action amid pandemic

A survey found majority support for increased state effort on climate change, consistent with previous years.

By Madison Goldberg