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Researcher: Covid-19 infection rates 5 times higher in U.S. Prisons

Data analyzed by a Johns Hopkins University researcher suggests people incarcerated in state and federal prisons are at higher risk of catching Covid-19 and of dying from the disease.


Oklahoma Covid-19 testing in question as positive cases spike in other states’ prisons 

Thousands of prisoners across the country are infected with Covid-19. The more states test, the more cases they find. Some question whether Oklahoma’s Covid-19 testing policies have revealed the true number of state prisoners carrying the disease.


Updated: Oklahoma prison chief discusses Covid-19 testing in state prisons

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections decides which prisoners to test for Covid-19 on a cases by case basis. So far, two prisoners have tested positive for Covid-19.


Oklahoma prison agency reports a handful of Covid-19 infections as other state prisons see a surge

The Marshall Project reported coronavirus infections in U.S. prisons more than tripled in one week.


Amid shortage doctors ask states to donate lethal injection drugs to Covid-19 patients

Some doctors are asking states to turn over drugs the states use for lethal injections. Oklahoma’s corrections agency says no hospital has asked it for any “specific medicine.”


Voters ask Legislature for more action on criminal justice reform

Legislators concluded this year’s session after only passing one reform bill that could directly affect the size of the state’s prison population, but experts aren’t sure how much. Three Oklahoma voters said they want to see more progress.


Drug and mental health courts could get more funding under a bill advancing through Oklahoma Legislature

A state legislator believes lawmakers should invest more money in programs designed to treat underlying problems and steer people away from prison.


Legislators launch bipartisan effort to make State Question 780 retroactive

State Question 780 reclassified drug possession and other felonies often associated with addiction as misdemeanors.


Expensive problems prompt $1 billion budget request from prisons agency

This is the third year in a row the Department of Corrections has asked lawmakers for more than $1 billion in funding. Lawmakers’ last two appropriations to the agency were much lower than the requested amounts.

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