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Q&A: Oklahoma’s New Secretary of Energy and Environment

Ret. Col. Michael Teague, Secretary of Energy and Environment

Traditionally, Oklahoma’s governor has relied on advice from separate officials representing energy and the environment. But in July, Gov. Mary Fallin moved to combine the two offices into one. “Strong energy policy is strong environmental policy,” Fallin said in a statement accompanying an executive order creating the new Secretary of Energy and Environment cabinet secretary [...]

New Secretary of Energy and Environment Has No Oil Experience, Says Oklahoma Oil Lobby

Gov. Mary Fallin on Aug. 16 appointed Col. Michael Teague as secretary of energy and environment. Fallin’s choice for the cabinet position — which was created by combining the vacant offices of secretaries of energy and environment — was immediately criticized by the president of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, the state’s largest industry trade [...]

Head of Foundation Built by Oil Riches Says State Doesn’t Need Drilling Incentives

Oklahoma lawmakers are considering re-evaluating the value of tax incentives for oil and gas drilling, which totaled $321 million last fiscal year and helped smother state revenue growth, Secretary of Finance and Revenue Preston Doerflinger says. The oil and gas industry defends the tax credits, refunds and rebates. They’re not tax breaks, they’re “capital investment” [...]

Regulators and Energy Industry Debate Proposed Disposal Well Notification Rule

Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry is resisting a rule change proposed by the Corporation Commission’s top pollution official. Tim Baker, who manages pollution abatement for the commission’s oil and gas conservation division, suggested the rule at an informal meeting on Wednesday. The Journal Record’s Sarah Terry-Cobo reports: A proposed rule change would require injection [...]

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