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Oklahoma charter school leader explains lawsuit that has ‘seismic effect’ on education funding

The controversial lawsuit's settlement terms will transform education funding

Oklahoma’s State Board of Education begs local school leaders to mandate masks

Board talks about issues in 10-hour meeting board addressing masking, Epic 

Epic Virtual Charter Schools’ cloudy future leaves families searching for clarity

As pandemic rages, those who turned to virtual learning behemoth don’t want to lose it

Epic Virtual Charter Schools’ oversight board votes to begin contract termination process

Virtual charter behemoth will have a chance to dispute investigation early next year

Investigations Into Epic Charter Schools Explained

From TV and radio ads to advertisements on and radio to the steady flow of news stories, it has been difficult to ignore Epic Charter Schools lately. With multiple ongoing investigations into the school’s finances and enrollment, here is a comprehensive look at what’s happening and what it could mean for future state policy.


State officials: Impossible to track Epic’s alleged ‘ghost students’

With Epic Charter Schools under scrutiny by state and federal law enforcement, will regulators move to close the loophole the school seems to be taking advantage of?