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People with disabilities unsheltered in tornado alley

Despite experiencing some of the most severe weather events in the nation, there are no state laws requiring storm shelters in Oklahoma. Public shelters have largely been closed leaving people with disabilities without a safe option during storms.


A Disastrous Disconnect

Kentucky is among the states blocking climate action. As weather gets more extreme, its residents — and U.S. taxpayers — are paying a price.

Oklahoma dams near expiration dates as scientists predict more extreme weather

At least 30 percent of Oklahoma dams are at the end of their 50-year design life. With climate change expected to bring an increase in heavy precipitation, can they hold up?


Winter storms to heat waves, how better climate data can make us more prepared

Scientists are getting better data on the earth’s changing climate. Now there’s a push to use the information stream to help us cope with the extremes we know are coming. One leader in this is Oklahoma.


The arid American West marches east, changing climate and agriculture

The 100th Meridian passes through Oklahoma and splits the continent in two. An explorer and geologist in the late-1800s suggested this map line marked the start of the arid American West. Scientists now say he was right — and that climate change is moving it, which could have profound effects on farmers and ranchers.

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