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Action To Protect Small Creek Pits Mining Companies Against Oklahoma Community Worried About Water Supply

Pennington Creek in south-central Oklahoma is the only source of drinking water for the town of Tishomingo. Residents there are worried limestone mining operations threaten the creek. Now, the city council is taking on the companies doing the digging.


To Keep Future Droughts at Bay, Oklahoma Looks to Store Water Underground Before it Flows Away

The crippling five-year drought Oklahoma finally broke out of in 2015 is still fresh in the memory of the state’s water regulators, which is looking for ways the state can better withstand future dry spells.


Judge Gives Go Ahead For Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer Pumping Limits

The court was hearing an appeal of the limit from groups including the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, Oklahoma Aggregates Association, and mining company TXI.


New Severance Tax on Limestone Miners Passes Oklahoma House

But raising taxes, even in the guise of a voter-approved fee, is a tough task in red-state Oklahoma.


Water Board Member Also President of Group That’s Suing Water Board

Tom Buchanan: He’s the vice-chairman of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. He’s also president of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau.


Bill to Allow New Tax On Limestone and Sand Mines Dead Until Next Year

That means it won’t become law — this year. McCall, R-Atoka, fully expects to try again.


State Senate Easily Passes Bill that Could Make Mining Permits Harder to Get

SB1184, by Sen. Susan Paddack, D-Ada, would change the permitting process at the state Department of Mines.


Lawmakers Join Landowners Who Think Getting a Mining Permit is Too Easy

Limestone and sand miners are getting a lot of attention from the state legislature lately.


Effort to Allow New Tax On Mining Companies Gains Ground In OK House

On Monday, the House Appropriations and Budget Committee passed HB1876.

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