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Advocates: Pandemic made domestic violence worse in Oklahoma

Victims’ advocates in Oklahoma warned in the early days of the pandemic that violence seemed to be getting worse. Now, advocates say the trend continued through 2020.


Oklahoma City police officer charged with manslaughter for shooting Bennie Edwards

Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Clifford Holman will face manslaughter charges for shooting Bennie Edwards.


Oklahoma lawmakers propose targeted criminal justice reforms

Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform’s main goal this session is to bring Oklahoma’s prison sentences more in line with the national average.


2021 Legislative Preview: Oklahoma Senate Leader Answers StateImpact’s Questions

Republican Senate President Pro Temp Greg Treat talks with StateImpact's reporters on legislative priorities around healthcare, education, and criminal justice.

Federal prisoners complain a private prison in Oklahoma isn’t following COVID-19 safety guidelines

Federal prisoners threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic complain they and other prisoners weren’t quarantined after having contact with infected people. They also say staff often don’t wear masks.


StateImpact reporters reflect on eventful 2020

How will the events of last year continue to shape 2021?
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OKC police name officers who killed Bennie Edwards

Oklahoma City Police Department released the names of officers who shot Bennie Edwards.


Protest follows police killing of Oklahoma City man

A man who sold flowers was killed by police, Friday night. Police say he had a knife.


Did George Floyd’s death affect Oklahoma’s elections?

Black Lives Matter protesters urged Oklahomans to go to the polls after Minnesota police killed George Floyd. Did the energy felt in street protests translate into Oklahomans’ polling places?


Early release dates for Oklahoma prisoners just got pushed back

The state prison population is projected to grow an additional 3.6% in two years after the state Department of Corrections eliminated a method of shortening prisoners’ sentences.

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