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Will Oklahomans vote to be the 22nd state to legalize recreational marijuana?

Voters are just days away from deciding whether Oklahoma will legalize recreational marijuana. But results of similar ballot initiatives in Arkansas and Missouri could help predict the fate of State Question 820.

Oklahoma researchers could soon study psychedelic mushrooms’ effect on mental health. The lawmakers behind the push hope it will help veterans.

Psilocybin research has gained momentum around the globe, as the compound begins to lose some of its stigma. After other conservative states passed laws allowing trials, Oklahoma lawmakers began working to adopt the policies here.

Architectural-engineering firm aims to fix Oklahoma County’s constitutionally challenged jail

An advisory group hired consultants to find structural solutions to some of the Oklahoma County’s Detention Center’s longest running problems.


‘We should know’: Glossip supporter, Oklahoma lawmaker wants more scrutiny in death row cases

An Oklahoma lawmaker’s belief that an innocent man is on death row inspired him to call for the creation of a special unit to review death penalty convictions.


Oklahoma paid for more addiction treatment and providers say its saving lives

The state partnered with substance abuse treatment providers to eliminate a counter productive wait time people struggling with addiction had to bear to get into treatment. Providers say the change is giving people a better chance to live.


‘Every day is a great day’: Women in Oklahoma prisons encourage people struggling through the pandemic

A nonprofit helped women in two state prisons connect with strangers during the coronavirus pandemic. The women recounted their struggles and offered advice.


Oklahoma prisons ahead in vaccinations but advocates say earlier access could have saved lives

Over half of Oklahoma’s state prisoners are at least partially vaccinated against the coronavirus. Prisoner advocates say incarcerated people needed access sooner than the state authorized.

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