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Sparkly Shoes

It’s that time of the week again!  We’ve rounded-up the Top Five StateImpact posts that crowd wisdom decided were on this week’s must-read list. How Junk Mail Is Helping To Prop Up The Postal Service: After a brief hiatus from our Most-Read roundup, this post is back!  It’s a combination of humor, hard facts, and [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

The StateImpact posts that dazzled the most

Happy Friday!  If you’re suffering from a spot of pre-weekend ennui, check out our roundup of the top five weekly posts. A Closer Look at Brewery Accidents After The Deadly Redhook Explosion: After the terrible keg explosion at a NH craft brewery, we looked into federal stats and old OSHA reports to determine how rare [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

Sparks Of Colour

It’s that time again!  A time when we at StateImpact sit back and sift through the crowd’s collective wisdom to bring you the Top 5 Must Read Posts of the week.  And we’ve got a rather diverse roundup this week, spanning fishing and politics, indie booksellers and foreclosure funds.  Here, ready for your perusal, is [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

Yasaka Shrine Lanterns

In honor of the awesomeness that’s the Friday afternoon weekly wind-down, we’re proud to present this week’s Top 5 StateImpact posts. Has The Stimulus Created Jobs In NH? Depends On How You Slice The Numbers: Since its passage in 2009, the question of whether the so-called “Stimulus Package” has actually created jobs crops up.  We [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

These are the posts you decided were most worth your time

Before you prepare to pack up and check out for the weekend, we’ve rounded up the top five posts that caught your collective eye.  From obscure urbanization studies to electricity deregulation and women entrepreneurs, our Essential StateImpact posts make for a particularly motley crew this week. Why Urban States Are More Productive Than Rural Ones [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

Here's the top five StateImpact posts you spotted this week

Five Reasons Why Angel Investors (Think “Shark Tank”) Matter To The Economy: Our top post this week breaks down a new report from the University of New Hampshire explaining why this high-powered, super-secretive investment market is a key part of the national economy. What A Canadian Newspaper Reports About Hydro-Quebec (And Northern Pass): Normally, we [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

Here's your weekly roundup of the five stories that you liked best, pound for pound

Happy Friday!  (Or should we say, “Happy Mega Millions Drawing Day?”)  At any rate, as you count down the hours to the end of the workday and the start of the weekend, we’re happy to present you with our weekly round up of economy-flavored brain food: Why The Mega Millions Jackpot Is Extra-Important For New [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

These are the posts you lighted on this week

Good afternoon!  As usual, we’ve got this week’s roundup of our top five posts.  This week, they spanned a number of economic themes: How State Budget Cuts Hit Nursing For Sick Kids: NHPR’s Dan Gorenstein takes us inside the state’s process of evaluating how much Medicaid-funded nursing assistance New Hampshire’s most disabled kids get. Charting NH’s [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

We've got the five stories that caught your eye

Happy Friday!  As always, we’d like to celebrate the end of the work week by bringing you up to speed with our most popular posts: How Apps Are Keeping Ski Areas Honest: A pair of Dartmouth researchers take on tales of ski resorts exaggerating snowfall…and find that apps are helping to curb fibbing. How Landowners [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

Japanese White-Eye and Plum Blossoms

In a lot of ways, Friday afternoon is the perfect time for catching-up.  It’s too early to clock out, but too late to start a big new project.  And at StateImpact, we tend to think it’s also a great time to catch you up on New Hampshire’s business and economy news.  Here’s your weekly roundup [...]

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