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Vermont: New Hampshire’s Farm To Plate Test Case

Lawmakers in New Hampshire are considering a program that would convene industry, nonprofit and UNH representatives involved in the state’s local food and agriculture industry. The group would be charged with researching and reporting back to the Department of Agriculture. The bill’s sponsors are using Vermont as a model. In fact, New Hampshire’s SB141 is based […]

Getting By, Getting Ahead: A Monadnock Farmer’s Sustainability Challenge

As part of our weekly “Getting By, Getting Ahead” series, StateImpact is traveling across New Hampshire, gathering personal stories from the people behind the economy.  In our second installment, we visit a small farm in the Monadnock Region. _____ Tracie Smith has been selling mixed vegetables and herbs at farmers’ markets since she went to […]

Preview: Tomorrow’s Installment Of “Getting By, Getting Ahead” Focuses On Farming

Tomorrow morning, NHPR will air the second part of our series “Getting By, Getting Ahead,” which tells the personal stories behind New Hampshire’s economy.  The upcoming piece will profile a small-scale farmer from the Monadnock region, and the challenge she faces in trying to get her employees health insurance. If you’d like to find out […]

Monadnock Region Snapshot: A Growing Local Food Movement Doesn’t Translate To Prosperity

Tomorrow morning on NHPR, we’ll introduce you to Tracie Smith, a farmer in the Monadnock Region. Tracie’s story is Part Two of our series “Getting By, Getting Ahead,” examining how people across New Hampshire’s seven regions are navigating a recovering economy.                                                             ___ Farming has long been crucial to New Hampshire’s Monadnock region, where rows of vegetable […]

Follow-Up: Opposition Crystallizes Against So-Called “Agent Orange Corn”

One of our most popular posts has been our Q&A with former Stonyfield CEO and organic food crusader Gary Hirshberg.  A substantial part of our interview revolved around a new kind of genetically modified corn designed to withstand harsher chemical treatment.  Opponents (like Hirshberg) have taken to calling it “Agent Orange corn.”  At the time […]

Q&A: Meet In-Coming Stonyfield CEO Walt Freese

Stonyfield co-founder Gary Hirshberg created a bit of a stir in New Hampshire’s business press when he announced he was stepping down as CEO and moving over to the Chairman role.  We recently spoke with Hirshberg about his 28 years at Stonyfield, his role in the natural food movement, and how the growing organics market […]

Invasive Insect Targeting New England Raspberry Crops

Here’s an eye-catching quote from, “‘These guys will go for even underripe [fruit], and they look a little bit different – they have devilish red eyes,’ Johnson said. ‘And the males have a black spot on their wings.’’”

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