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Our weekly roundup of the StateImpact posts that lit up the internet

In honor of the awesomeness that’s the Friday afternoon weekly wind-down, we’re proud to present this week’s Top 5 StateImpact posts.

  1. Has The Stimulus Created Jobs In NH? Depends On How You Slice The Numbers: Since its passage in 2009, the question of whether the so-called “Stimulus Package” has actually created jobs crops up.  We offer a couple of New Hampshire-centric perspectives.  (And, of course, some good data.)
  2. How–And Why–NH Resurrected A Help Center For Women Entrepreneurs: The return of a women entrepreneur-oriented help center has been a cause for celebration in the state’s business community.  We explain how the new Center for Women’s Business Advancement hopes to avoid some of the pitfalls its predecessor faced.
  3. Latest Links: Brewery Accident Victim Identified, NH To Get Slice Of $500 Million MetLife Settlement: Sometimes, our morning link roundups catch your eye.
  4. Exploding Keg Kills Redhook Brewery Worker”: Our link to the latest coverage of this terrible accident, courtesy of
  5. Five Reasons Why Angel Investors (Think “Shark Tank”) Matter To The Economy: This post lifts the curtain a bit on the murky, high-risk angel investment market.


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