How The Green Launching Pad Works


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Launching green companies takes a lot of work--and a good deal of funding. Will it pay off for NH?

The Green Launching Pad (GLP) is an eco-friendly business incubator run by the University of New Hampshire and funded by federal stimulus money through the state’s Office of Energy and Planning (OEP).  It’s just one of a number of programs the agency funds to help grow the state’s green economy.

To participate in the program, companies focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy, emission reduction and green manufacturing apply during a set period for consideration.  A panel of GLP-affiliated judges then selects the companies they believe show the most promise.  Once a firm is chosen to take part in the Green Launching Pad, it receives a grant (awards have ranged from $20,000 to $94,700 so far), access to interns from the University of New Hampshire, as well as help from mentors and university staff in marketing and development.

Since it was established two years ago, GLP has helped launch 11 start-up companies, and offered grants to three environmentally-friendly manufacturing firms to expand fabrication jobs in New Hampshire.  It has received $1.5 million in federal stimulus funding through the Office of Energy and Planning.  Once the stimulus money runs out at the end of April, Green Launching Pad administrators hope to keep the program going through a combination of private support and other federal grants from the Departments of Commerce and Energy.

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