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These are the posts you decided were most worth your time

Before you prepare to pack up and check out for the weekend, we’ve rounded up the top five posts that caught your collective eye.  From obscure urbanization studies to electricity deregulation and women entrepreneurs, our Essential StateImpact posts make for a particularly motley crew this week.

  1. Why Urban States Are More Productive Than Rural Ones (And New England’s A Case In Point): Credit Suisse put out a niche report looking at the effect of urbanization on emerging markets.  What got it buzz in the American business press, though, was a graph linking US states’ productivity to urbanization.  Besides just being a cool graph, it’s a great illustration of the northern/southern New England divide.  We delve into the data and explain the Credit Suisse findings.
  2. WiValley Battles Topography And Budgets To Connect Monadnocks: Swaths of New Hampshire are struggling with slow internet speeds in a high-speed innovation economy.  For one guy, a frustrating telecommute morphed into an enterprise to bring broadband to the Monadnock Region.  And he’s just one of several small operations hoping to bridge the so-called “last mile” of service.
  3. Dartmouth College President Will Head World Bank: Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim is moving on to the World Bank, and he faces growing clout from emerging markets.
  4. What A Small Firm’s Challenge To PSNH Could Mean For The Future Of The Electricity Market:  NHPR recently covered this issue, which also ties into the on-going debate about partial-vs-total deregulation of the state’s electricity market (aka: the PSNH divestiture debate).
  5. How–And Why–NH Resurrected A Help Center For Women Entrepreneurs: About a year-and-a-half after the Women’s Business Center closed due to declining membership, a new Center for Women’s Advancement opened its doors.  We explain why, despite the old WBC’s troubles, supporters of the new center say there’s a need for this kind of enterprise.



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