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The Top 5 StateImpact posts that sparkled

It’s that time of the week again!  We’ve rounded-up the Top Five StateImpact posts that crowd wisdom decided were on this week’s must-read list.

  1. How Junk Mail Is Helping To Prop Up The Postal Service: After a brief hiatus from our Most-Read roundup, this post is back!  It’s a combination of humor, hard facts, and shameless name-dropping of the kitschy-ist catalogs cluttering your mailboxes.  In short, find out why Fingerhut matters more than most people know.
  2. How Market Basket’s Changing Worker Safety Rules After OSHA Settlement: After settling on a series of safety violations for $400,000, Market Basket parent-company DeMoulas Supermarkets promised to make big changes across the franchise.
  3. Why NH’s Waterfront Market Might Be On The Rebound: What a welcome you gave new StateImpact reporter Emily Corwin for her inaugural post!  This piece puts a brief uptick in Lakes Region waterfront properties into perspective, examining whether it’s actually cause for optimism, or just a flash in the pan.
  4. A Closer Look at Brewery Accidents After The Deadly Redhook Explosion: After scouring years of OSHA accident reports and federal injury data, we look into how much of a fluke the fatal keg explosion at Red Hook really was.
  5. Three Reasons Why It’s Boom Time For NH Manufacturers: The Brookings Institution recently released a report delving into the relationship between geography and manufacturing.  The upshot?  New Hampshire’s fabrication renaissance is no accident.


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