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The StateImpact posts that dazzled the most

Happy Friday!  If you’re suffering from a spot of pre-weekend ennui, check out our roundup of the top five weekly posts.

A Closer Look at Brewery Accidents After The Deadly Redhook Explosion: After the terrible keg explosion at a NH craft brewery, we looked into federal stats and old OSHA reports to determine how rare these kinds of accidents actually are.

Staying Afloat: One NH Fisherman’s Struggle To Keep Fishing: This popular post looks at the effects of overfishing and controversial policy changes on one fishing family.  And, it includes a slideshow.

Stimulus Funding Dries Up For Eco-Biz Incubator: A follow-up to our coverage of the Green Launching Pad.  UNH began the start-up incubator and sustained it with federal stimulus money.  Now, GLP’s looking for private support to keep up its mission of growing New Hampshire’s green economy.

Why NH’s Economy Is Especially Important For The 2012 Election: All nine swing states, including New Hampshire, are in different stages of economic recovery.  But whether these states–including New Hampshire–will go Republican or Democratic this season hinges on a lot more than “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Five Reasons Why Angel Investors (Think “Shark Tank”) Matter To The Economy: Using a report from UNH, we lift the curtain on this obscure sector of investment.



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