The Economics Behind New Hampshire's Declining Roads


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In the spring of 2013, many New Hampshire lawmakers sought to raise the state’s gas tax for the first time in 21 years. Others sought to fund the state’s transportation operations with revenue from one or more casinos. Both efforts failed. This video explains why transportation costs are rising fast, even as funding continues to plateau — and what that discrepancy in funding may bring.

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Video: Why Our Roads Cost More Now

As New Hampshire lawmakers move closer to raising the state’s gas tax for the first time in 21 years, we thought you might be wondering… are New Hampshire’s roads getting worse? Why are they getting harder to pay for? And, does it really matter if we have a few more potholes?

Add Your Bumpy Road To Our Map

Readers and listeners have been contributing pictures of the roads they drive on that really drive them crazy. Check out this map, and add your pictures and comments by clicking on the Add button. Zoom out to see all of New Hampshire.  

A New Push For Commuter Rail

This post was written by contributor Sheryl Rich-Kern Despite concern from opponents about costs, supporters of bringing commuter rail back to the Granite State are determined to keep momentum on track. For the first time in decades, state lawmakers are looking to restore commuter rail by extending existing rail lines from Lowell, Massachusetts, to Nashua, […]

Economic Themes Dominate NH State Of The State Address

Today marked Governor John Lynch’s last State of the State address.  And, as one might expect during a slow trudge toward recovery, the bulk of Lynch focused either directly or indirectly on the economy.  Some of the key themes included issues that we’ve covered or put on the Watch List of our Ultimate Legislative Guide.  […]

State Budget Cuts Hurt Health, Higher Education And Essential Services The Most

A look back at this year’s major state budget cuts shows who took the hardest hits in New Hampshire. As the Nashua Telegraph reports, with $1 billion slashed from the budget, more agencies than usual felt the effects. Republican legislators heralded the budget as a victory for smaller government, shaving more than $1 billion, or 11 […]

With I-93 in Limbo, Ongoing Uncertainty for Towns and Businesses

For the towns and businesses along the I-93 corridor, the state’s unfinished major road expansion project means more time in limbo. The town of Windham has been enduring major construction delays and changes for several years. Several roads in town are supposed to be moved and the new I-93 exit is only half finished. The […]

Q&A: State’s New Transportation Commissioner Battles Budget Cuts

I recently spoke with newly confirmed commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Christopher Clement, about the current budget constraints at the DOT and also his plan on how to finish the $800 million expansion of Interstate 93 without federal dollars. The project, which began in 2007, is an expansion of I-93 from a […]

Transportation Cuts May Deny Some N.H. Towns The Road To Prosperity

The road back from the recession for some towns in New Hampshire could be slowed due to deep budget cuts affecting highway expansion and bridge maintenance. The state Department of Transportation is grappling with budget cuts of $30 million in motor vehicle fees and a likely $40 million cut in federal highway funds each year. […]

StateImpact Wants To Know: How Much FEMA Aid Has New Hampshire Gotten?

FEMA’s been in state news for awhile now.  Whether it’s the response to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene or more recently “Snowtober,” New Hampshire’s filed a lot of requests for federal aid in a short time. Although President Obama did issue an emergency declaration following the snow storm, allowing FEMA to offer assistance, it was much more […]

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