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In N.H., Minimum Wage Earners Need 2.8 Jobs To Afford 2-Bedroom Apartment

In order to afford a two-bedroom apartment in New Hampshire, a renter would need to work 2.8 minimum-wage jobs. The math breaks down like this: According to HUD’s Fair Market Rent documentation, a two-bedroom apartment will cost about $1,065 in New Hampshire. In order to spend only 30 percent of one’s income on rent, a […]

N.H.’s R&D Tax Credit Explained

Thursday, the New Hampshire Senate unanimously approved a bill that increases the state’s research and development tax credit funding from $1 million to $2 million beginning this year. Last year, 111 qualifying businesses shared that $1 million – so that the 58 businesses who qualified for the maximum credit of $50,000 received $12,065 each. Who […]

How New Hampshire Is Helping Nanobreweries Revolutionize Craft Beer

While beer sales have been down, nationally, since the great recession, the craft beer industry has been going strong – growing 15 percent in 2011, according to the American Brewers’ Association. The newest kid on the block in craft beer is the “nanobrewery” – a very small scale commercial brewery that produces fewer than 2,000 […]

Expect At Least Three Nanobrewery Bills This Session

There are a slew of possible bills coming down the pipes this session having to do with nanobreweries: a brewing category created by lawmakers in 2011. With a $240 nanobrewery license, an enthusiastic homebrewer can to start a small-scale commercial brewery.  StateImpact New Hampshire will be keeping tabs on developments in the nanobrewing community throughout […]

McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center’s Privatization Is Under Way

At midnight on New Years Eve, the 34-person staff of the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center will lose their jobs. Some, but not all of the employees can then be hired back by a newly formed private non-profit organization, which begins operating the recently expanded planetarium on January 1st.

Liveblog! Tech and Business Leaders Talk Recruitment At NHDRED’s Annual Meeting

From 11:15 to noon today, three leaders of innovation and business in New Hampshire will be discussing employee and business recruitment in the state.  We’ll be liveblogging the event, as part of our ongoing coverage of New Hampshire’s simultaneously shrinking workforce and growing tech sector. The speakers are: Patrick Clark of Burstpoint Networks, a Massachusetts […]

Young People Get Larger Share Of New Hires In N.H.

In 2011, people ages 22-24 made up only 5.2 percent of New Hampshire’s workforce, but 11.7 percent of the state’s new hires. Those between ages 25 and 34 made up 22.4 percent of new hires — a share 4.2 percent larger than their share in the existing workforce.  This, writes Brian Gottlob on his blog Trend […]

New Nanobrew Law Brings More Craft Beer To N.H.

A new law that went into effect in August made New Hampshire the first state in the country to recognize “nanobreweries” as a separate category of brewery. Now, nanobreweries can be licensed at a much reduced rate of $240, rather than the microbrewery license of $1200. According to the Union Leader, this has facilitated the opening of […]

N.H. Entering An “Uncertain Time” With “Withering” Economic Advantage

A recent report from the Center for Public Policy Studies was uncharacteristically ominous, warning that the state is entering an “uncertain time,” and that the New Hampshire advantage “is withering away, and may erode further in years to come.” Dennis Delay, the report’s author, is referring to the state’s slow economic recovery compared to its […]

Tech Company Lures Recruits With Farm-To-Table Cafe

Four dollars. That is what employees at Dyn have to pay for a breakfast burrito made with bacon smoked in North Country, peppers grown in Chester, and a host of other local ingredients.  That is, if they mosey across the street from their offices to the Dyn Cafe – an at-cost farm-to-table operation that Dyn […]

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